Brazilian Portuguese in 1 day
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Brazilian Portuguese in 1 day
Who never dreamed about visiting Christ the Redeemer?

If you are planning to visit Brazil, or just love its culture and way of life you should start with this course
Get ready to speak with the locals, whether you are at the airport, at the station, the hotel or the beach
Impress the locals with the new vocabulary and phrases you are about to learn here!
Discover the Brazilian way of life with no issues!
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10 words in 60 seconds - 10 palavras em 60 segundos10 words in 60 seconds - 10 palavras em 60 segundos  
10 flashcards
You already know that:) - Isso você já sabe:)You already know that:) - Isso você já sabe:)  
10 flashcards
Questions - PerguntasQuestions - Perguntas  
10 flashcards
Courtesy Phrases - Expressões de cortesiaCourtesy Phrases - Expressões de cortesia  
19 flashcards
People - PessoasPeople - Pessoas  
27 flashcards
Activities - AtividadesActivities - Atividades  
30 flashcards
Untranslatable - IntraduzíveisUntranslatable - Intraduzíveis  
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Why you should learn Brazilian Portuguese

As you may already know, Brazilian Portuguese originated from the Portuguese language and is a legacy of the Portuguese colonization of South America in the 16th century. You’ve recently come into contact with the Brazilian language and have fallen in love with its musicality? Well, if you’re looking for motivation to learn Brazilian Portuguese online, you are in the right place!

  • Portuguese is the 6th most common language in the world and isn’t only the official language of Portugal and Brazil, but also of Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and many more!
  • Since the language is spoken in 11 different countries over 4 continents, learning Portuguese opens the doors to a number of job markets
  • In general, Brazil is a great place to live, and definitely worth visiting at least once. As such, being able to speak Brazilian Portuguese with the natives will definitely help you integrate into this new culture!
  • The Portuguese language has also marked its presence online, so if you are researching something on the web, it might be easier to find what you are looking for
  • The Brazilian Portuguese culture is simply amazing: music, literature, the carnival of Brazil? Be able to fully enjoy all of it by learning Brazilian Portuguese

Learn basic Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary

The course Brazilian Portuguese in 1 day will allow you to learn basic Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary and thus start your journey with this marvelous language! Learn simple words and sentences in Brazilian Portuguese, which will help you to not be completely lost when travelling to Brazil. You will most likely speak the language more than you will write it, which is why VocApp made sure to provide audio recordings with the correct pronunciation of each word. Of course, to really learn Brazilian Portuguese you will have to remain dedicated and motivated. But don’t worry! VocApp will make sure to always remind you to revise the vocabulary and sentences you learned thanks to our spaced repetition algorithm! Learning a foreign language is definitely a challenge, but VocApp will help you achieve your goal with this Brazilian Portuguese in 1 day course!

Become fluent in Brazilian Portuguese

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