Kitchen vocabulary in Romanian
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Kitchen vocabulary in Romanian
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Fruits - FructeFruits - Fructe  
37 flashcards
Vegetables - LegumeVegetables - Legume  
38 flashcards
Verbs - VerbeVerbs - Verbe  
25 flashcards
Kitchen appliances - Aparate de bucătărieKitchen appliances - Aparate de bucătărie  
18 flashcards
Drinks - BăuturiDrinks - Băuturi  
13 flashcards
Spices - CondimenteSpices - Condimente  
35 flashcards
Flavour - AromeFlavour - Arome  
10 flashcards
Typical Romanian dishes - Mâncăruri tipic româneștiTypical Romanian dishes - Mâncăruri tipic românești  
10 flashcards
Cabbage rolls step by step - Sarmale pas cu pasCabbage rolls step by step - Sarmale pas cu pas  
10 flashcards

Why should you learn Romanian kitchen’s vocabulary?

C’mon! We all know it. Food is something that connects all of the people, regardless of their nationality. Furthermore, now that you already know the basics of the Romanian language, it’s time for you to learn Romanian vocabulary concerning the kitchen and the food! Now that you know how to order one of the typical Romanian food when you are in a restaurant, now that you know how to discuss with your Romanian-speaking friends, now that you know the lyrics of your favourites Romanians song, but you can’t understand, read or cook some typical Romanian food! Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! If you will study this course, you will learn Romanian vocabulary connected to typical Romanian food, to cooking and to the kitchen. You will be able to express yourself in the Romanian language. After that you will study those lessons, you will be able to follow some Romanian recipes, both written or oral, thanks to video tutorials, blogs, cookbooks, etc. and you will know how to cook some typical Romanian food.

What will you learn from this course?

Thanks to our course, you will learn Romanian vocabulary, for example:

  • 1. Fruits, for example, “passionfruit” = “fructul pasiunii”;
  • 2. Kitchen appliances, for example, “dishwasher”= “o mașină de spălat vase”;
  • 3. Vegetables, for example, “cabbage” = “o varză de Bruxelles”;
  • 4. Some typical Romanian food, for example, the “ciorbă de burtă”, that is a “tripe soup”;
  • 5. A recipe of typical Romanian food, of the “sarmale” that is a “cabbage rolls”

Do you want to discover what a “sarmale” is and are you eager to discover its receipt in Romanian so that you will be able to cook it?

What are you waiting for? Start our course!

Learn Romanian now! Thanks to our course, you can learn Romanian in a simple and funny way. You won't even realize you are learning the Romanian language! Thanks to our flashcards, you can play with words in Romanian related to cooking, to recipes and to the kitchen, so you learn Romanian vocabulary and improve your Romanian level.

Before starting this course, we would recommend you to take a look also at Everyday phrases in Romanian and at Romanian in 1 day; in this way, you will learn Romanian and you will know better the Romanian language. Good luck!