Chronicles of Narnia

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an enjoyable activity or celebration (old-fashioned)
zabawa, radocha
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wanting to annoy, upset, or hurt another person, especially in a small way, because you feel angry towards them
złośliwy, dokuczliwy (o osobie)
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a spiteful child That was a spiteful thing to say!
a group of short threads or ropes held together at one end, used as a hanging decoration on hats, curtains, furniture, etc.
pęk ozdobnych frędzli (zebranych w pompon); dzyndzel, frędzel;
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a tassel
an arrangement of flowers and leaves in a circular shape, used as a decoration
wianek, wieniec, girlanda, stroik świąteczny,
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a wreath
a holly/laurel wreath The bride wore a veil with a wreath of silk flowers. There were two large wreaths on the coffin. The president ended his visit by laying a wreath at the war memorial.
to decorate a room or other place for a special occasion by hanging coloured paper, lights, or flowers around it, especially in curves
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to festoon
a decorative chain made of coloured paper, flowers, etc. hung in a curve between two points
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a festoon
obwieszony (np. ozdobami)
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A straw hat festooned with paper flowers. The hall was festooned with Christmas lights and holly.
(the performance of) words that are believed to have a magical effect when spoken or sung
zaklęcie, formuła czarodziejska, zaklinanie
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an incantation
Around the fire, tribal elders chanted incantations.
a funny, energetic, and often sexual entertainment or situation
swawola, wybryki, igraszki
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a romp
syn: frolic
The newspaper headline was "Bishop Caught In Sex Romp!"
to play in a rough, excited, and noisy way
baraszkować, dokazywać, swawolić
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to romp (around/about)
syn: to frolic
The children romped happily around/about in the garden.
(old-fashioned) soon; not at the present time but in the future, after a short time
niebawem, wkrótce
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syn: soon, shortly
The room was hot and presently her eyes grew heavy and she began to feel sleepy.
serious and without any humour
poważny (np. wyraz twarzy); podniosły, uroczysty (wykonywany w poważny sposób); uroczysty, solenny (obietnica lub przysięga);
Ona miała poważny wyraz twarzy, tak jak przedtem. Powolna procesja posuwała się naprzód uroczystym krokiem.
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She had a solemn expression on her face, as before. A slow procession was advancing with solemn step.
a wild bush, especially a rose bush with long stems and sharp thorns
dzika róża; wrzosiec;
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a briar
a wild bush with sharp thorns and small, yellow flowers
janowiec (ciernisty)
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a gorse
wrzosowaty, pokryty wrzosem
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a heathery mountain
a small area of grass without trees in a forest
polana (obszar lasu, gdzie nie ma drzew)
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a glade, a clearing
drops of water that form on the ground and other surfaces outside during the night
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a type of small tree with thorns (= sharp points), white or pink flowers in spring, and small, red fruits in autumn
głóg (roślina)
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an area in a river or stream that is not deep and can be crossed on foot or in a vehicle
bród (płycizna na rzece umożliwiająca jej przekroczenie)
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a ford
a large wall built round a town, castle, etc. to protect it
wał obronny, mur obronny
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a rampart
usu. plural
kępka, pęk (np. trawy)
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a tussock
without moving; completely still
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On seeing us, the deer stood stock-still for a moment, then turned and retreated into the forest.
an old person, especially one who is weak and confused (old-fashioned)
ramol (pogardliwie)
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a dotard
tchórz, nikczemnik (o osobie)
old use
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to ask for something in a way that shows you need it very much (old use or literary)
błagać, poprosić, prosić usilnie;
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to beseech
to shout in a very loud voice
wrzeszczeć, wykrzykiwać, wykrzyczeć; ryczeć (głośno płakać);
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to bawl
She bawled at me to sit down.
a voice rising and falling in level
śpiewny, melodyjny (o głosie) lub śpiewny sposób mówienia (gdy głos wzrasta i opada)
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a singsong (voice)
She spoke in a singsong.
a raised surface at one end of a meeting room that someone can stand on when speaking to a group
podest, podium, podwyższenie (nie pulpit!)
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a dais
extremely tired
(UK old fashioned informal)
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friendly, but formal and polite
serdeczny, kordialny, szczery
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to experience great difficulties or be completely unable to decide what to do or say next
plątać się, być skołowanym
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to flounder
He lost the next page of his speech and floundered around/about for a few seconds. Although his business was a success, his marriage was floundering. Richardson resigned as chairman, leaving the company floundering.
very sad
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syn: mournful
a doleful expression
in a very sad way
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in an extremely angry way
łapczywie, zachłannie
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He looked ravenously at the buffet table. I'm ravenously hungry.
extremely hungry
wygłodniały, żarłoczny (o osobie), lub zachłanny (pragnący czegoś), żądny (władzy)
Po spędzeniu całego dnia na spacerze, byliśmy wygłodniali. Dorastające dzieci mają żarłoczny apetyt.
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After spending the whole day walking we were ravenous. Growing children have ravenous appetites.
a piece of wood or coal, etc. that continues to burn after a fire has no more flames
rozżarzony węgielek
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an ember (usually plural)
syn: cinder
We sat by the glowing/dying embers of the fire.
an evil and cruel person
(o osobie) diabeł, potwór
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a fiend
He was portrayed in the media as a complete fiend.
unkind or unpleasant (mainly UK, old-fashioned)
wredny, paskudny, nieznośny, okropny
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Why are you being so beastly to me? We've had beastly weather all summer.
a small, round boat that is made by stretching animal skin over a wooden frame
łódka z materiału wodoodpornego rozpiętego na drewnianym szkielecie
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a coracle
an area of land, especially one that is rented and paid for by work
lenno, feudum
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a fief / a fiefdom
a royal fief
dziobówka, forkasztel (przednia część mieszkalna statku)
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a forecastle (deck)
rufa, rufówka, nadbudówka rufowa, pokład rufowy
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a pooper (deck)
the front part of a ship
dziób (statku)
Stań na dziobie i próbuj nas nawigować.
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a bow
Stand on the bow and try to navigate us.
the back part of a ship or boat
Nie uda nam się płynąć rufą do wiatru.
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a stern
We can't keep riding with our stern to the wind.
moving or speaking slowly with little energy, often in an attractive way (opposite: dynamic, enegetic)
omdlewający, powolny, ospały, rozwlekły (np. ruch, głos, gest)
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a languid manner/voice
a man, especially in the past, who dressed in expensive, fashionable clothes and was very interested in his own appearance
dandys = elegant, strojniś, modniś (o mężczyźnie)
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a dandy
an upper-class dandy
looking or acting like a dandy
dandysowaty, wymuskany
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An embroidered silk waistcoat contributed to his dandified appearance.
rough and not smooth or soft, or not in very small pieces
chropowaty, szorstki (o materiale, skórze); gruboziarnisty (np. piasek, sól);
On ma bardzo szorskie dłonie.
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He's got coarse hands.
sól gruboziarnista
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coarse salt
piasek gruboziarnisty
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coarse sand
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(about a place) empty and not attractive, with no people or nothing pleasant in it
odludny, opuszczony (np. dom, okolica)
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The house stood in a bleak and desolate landscape.
one end of a rope tied to form a circle that can be tightened round something such as a person's neck to hang (= kill) them
pętla, stryczek
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a noose
They put him on the back of a horse and looped a noose around his neck.
nadburcie, reling (na statku)
technical term
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a bulwark
having hair that looks untidy, as if it has been rubbed
rozczochrany, potargany (o włosach); zmierzwiony, wytarmoszony (o wyglądzie)
Przez ten silny wiatr moje ubrania są wytarmoszone.
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e.g.: about hair
My clothes are all tousled because of the strong wind.
rumpel (drążek sterowy)
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a tiller
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a seeress
severe, or showing disapproval
srogi (o tonie głosu), nieugięty (o osobie), surowy (o spojrzeniu)
On rzucił mi swoje najbardziej surowe spojrzenie.
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syn: severe
He gave me his most stern look.
the quality of being severe, or of showing disapproval
surowość (np. spojrzenia), stanowczość (np. głosu)
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He directed the agency with the sternness of a military officer. Her concern began to turn to sternness.
very noticeable or attracting attention, often in a way that is not wanted
widoczny, rzucający się w oczy, zwracający uwagę
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In China, her blonde hair was conspicuous. He tried not to look conspicuous and moved slowly along the back of the room.
not easily or quickly noticed or seen, or not attracting attention
nierzucający się w oczy, niepozorny (o osobie), niedostrzegalny, dyskretny
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This type of bird is very inconspicuous because of its dull feathers. At parties, he always stands in a corner and tries to look inconspicuous.
confusing, lacking in order
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an untidy or confused state
zamieszanie, bałagan, zamęt
Nie wiem kto jest odpowiedzialny za cały ten bałagan.
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a muddle
I don't know who is responsible for all that muddle. The documents were in a muddle. Whenever I go to Europe I get in a muddle about/over (= become confused about) how much things cost.
(formal) the fact of being stupid, or a stupid action, idea, etc.
głupota (o wykonanej czynności niosącej złe skutki) lub szaleństwo
Zrobienie tego to zupełna głupota!
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syn: stupidity
It is complete folly to do!
a feeling of hate
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She denied any personal enmity towards him. Bitter historical enmities underlie the present violence.
(old-fashioned or humorous) food and drink
żywność, prowiant
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"I can't bear to see good victuals wasted," said Martha.
zaprowiantować, zaaprowidować
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to victual
(old-fashioned or humorous) to meet in order to discuss something, especially how to end an argument or a war
rozmawiać, mówić, paktować, układać się
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to parley
After some serious parleying, both sides agreed to settle their differences. He has led disarmament talks and parleyed with NATO.
(old-fashioned or humorous) a discussion between two groups of people, especially one that is intended to end an argument
narada, pertraktacje, rokowania, dyskusja
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a phrase used to tell someone to listen
słuchaj! słuchaj uważnie!
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Hark, I hear a distant trumpet!
(old use) to hit someone forcefully or to have a sudden powerful or damaging effect on someone
walnąć, uderzać z dużą siłą (kogoś, coś)
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to smite
smite - smote - smitten
(old-fashioned) a very helpful and kind person who can be trusted
równy gość (osoba, na której można polegać)
Równy z ciebie gość! Zawsze mogę na ciebie liczyć.
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a brick
You are a brick! I can always count on you.
(British English old-fashioned) a man or child, especially a naughty and annoying one
nicpoń, huncwot, gagatek
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a blighter

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