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Kuinka paljon maksaa litra bensiiniä?
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petrol, gasoline
How much does one liter of petrol cost?
Onko autossa vararengas?
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spare tyre
Is there a spare tyre in the car?
Missä autoni on?
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Where is my car?
ohjauspyörä, ratti
Älä päästä irti ratista!
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steering wheel
Don't let go of the steering wheel!
kuljettaja, kuski
Voit ostaa lipun kuljettajalta.
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You can buy the ticket from the driver.
pieni auto
Haluaisin vuokrata pienen auton.
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small car
I would like to rent a small car.
tankata auto
Tankkaa auto!
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to fill up the car
Fill up the tank, please!
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