Top German beers

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Beck's is Germany's fifth most drinkable beer.
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Krombacher Pils is produced according to the German Purity Law of 1516, where it was determined that the ingredients that could be used in the production of a beer would be: water, hops and barley.
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It started out as a local brewery and today is one of Germany's largest privately held breweries.
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Commitment and passion for beer are the key to creating "the best beer"!
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Veltins holds the appointment rights to the Veltins-Arena football stadium of the German Bundesliga FC Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen.
König Pilsener
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The beer's most popular beer is König Pilsener.
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Erdinger calls itself "the largest brewery of wheat beers in the world" (ie, 'die größte Weißbierbrauerei der Welt').
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Oettinger Braurei consists of a group of five breweries serving the entire German market.
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The Paulaner Brewery is one of Munich's six breweries that provides beer to the traditional Oktoberfest.
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It was the first brewery in Germany to brew exclusively Pilsner-style beer that still exists today.


On April 23, 1516, the Bavarian dukes Guillerme 4 and Ludovico 10 decree the purity of the beer called Reinheitsgebot . This law established that beer should only be made with the following ingredients: water, barley malt and hops. This choice has had a huge impact on beer history to this day. Due to European regulations, other ingredients are allowed in German beers but most German breweries continue to follow the rules of the Reinheitsgebot which are considered quality assurance. This is mostly the case with brands sold on German territory .

Curiosities about German beer

Beer is considered the favorite drink of the Germans . Each German consumes an average of 110 liters of beer per year . There are over 1300 breweries in Germany . Each region or city has its own style of beer. In the Bavarian region , for example, the main beers are the Weissbier, the wheat beers .

In Düsseldorf it is suggested to order an Alt , a dark beer and a bit more bitter.

In Berlin , the Berliner Weisse has great output, despite the acidic taste.

In Cologne , Kölsch is already a trademark of the city.

In the Bamberg region , Rauchbier style smoked beers are present in all bars and restaurants. Regarding the brands, even a relatively small town like Heidelberg has its own brewery, the Heidelberger . In Germany you can put together a hundred brewery tours , and even then it's difficult to try everything. There is no doubt that tasting a beer is one of the pleasures of life, as such, when visiting Germany it is practically obligatory to drink beer . In this lesson we suggest a top with the best German beers . For beer lovers we leave here a list of German beers for all tastes.

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