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tear down
This is a historical building; you can not tear it down.
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a strica; a demola
Aceasta este o clădire istorică; nu o puteți demola.
throw away
Throw this dress away! It's so old!
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a arunca; a lepăda
Aruncă această rochie! E atât de veche!
think over
Please think your decision over.
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a chibzui; a gândi bine
Te rog să chibzuiești decizia.
think up
How did you think up such a story?
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a inventa
Cum ai inventat o astfel de istorie?
turn out
The gift turned out to be from Sophia.
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a se întoarce; a renunța
Cadoul sa dovedit a fi de la Sofia.
watch out
The ball is coming to you, watch out!
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a fi atent; a se proteja
Mingea vine spre tine, ai grijă!
turn into
The frog turned into a beautiful princess.
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a deveni; a se schimba; a se transforma
Broasca sa transformat într-o prințesă frumoasă.
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