Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary

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found in nature- is not a plant or animal
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found in nature, not living, made from minerals
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characteristics that describe minerals
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how something feels
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how shiny a material is
Moh's Scale
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a scale that rates the hardness of materials
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mark left on something from a material
igneous rock
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a type of rock that is formed when melted rock cools
sedimentary rock
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a type of rock formed when sand and mud at the bottom of rivers, lakes and the oceans pile up
metamorphic rock
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the type of rock that has changeed through heating and squeezing
Words to use for luster:
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dull, waxy, oily, pearly, silky, glassy, resinous, metalic
Words to use for crystal shape:
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acicular, blebs, botryoidal, concretion, dendritic, dog-tooth, fibrous, octahedral, massive, tabular
Words to use for cleavage:
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perfect on 1/2/3 ways, no cleavage
Words to use for transparency:
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transparent (clear, see through when sliced thin) /// translucent (see shapes and shadows when is sliced) /// opaque (can't see through it at all when is sliced thin)

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