phrasal verbs 2

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make up
this class is made up entirely of boys.
women make up 40% of the employees here
skonczyc (gdzies, jako ktos)
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end up
you will end up without a job if you are rude to your boss
they ended up passing the last exam, even though they failed all the other exams.
patrzec w gore, spojrzec
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look up
i called his name, but he didn’t look up
she looked up from her computer/ her book
wyjąć (z)
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take out (of)
he took his clothes out of the suitcase and put them away in wardrobe
she took the letter out of the envelope
obmyslac, opracowywac
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work out
zrozumiec, rozgryzc
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work out
she couldn’t work out how the bird had got into the living room
narzekajacy, marudzacy
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rzucac cos, przestawac cos robic
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give up
i will give up chocolate after the holidays

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