Most common Dutch words 801 - 850

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nice, sweet, good
My husband bought me nice flowers.
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declined form; undeclined form: "lief"
Mijn man heeft mij lieve bloemen gekocht.
last, previous
My father died last month.
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declined form
Vorige maand is mijn vader gestorven.
last, lasts
Literally: "How long does the film last?"
How long is the film?
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"duren" in 2nd and 3rd person singular
Hoe lang duurt deze film?
I paid the bill with my card.
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past participle of "betalen"
Ik heb de rekening met mijn kaart betaald.
great, huge
The book was a huge success.
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Het boek was een geweldig succes.
follow, attend
I attend taekwondo lessons.
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"volgen" in 1st person singular
Ik volg taekwondolessen.
introduce, present
I'd like to introduce my best student.
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complex verb
Ik wil graag mijn beste leerling voorstellen.
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