Most common Dutch words 551 - 600

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meet, see
We see each other twice a week.
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infinitive, 1st, 2nd and 3rd person plural
Wij ontmoeten elkaar twee keer per week.
man, human
There are people who are waiting for you.
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de mens
plural: "mensen"
Er zijn mensen die op je wachten.
I got his answer a month later.
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het antwoord
Ik heb zijn antwoord één maand later gekregen.
to lose, not able to find sth etc.
I lost my keys.
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kwijt zijn
"kwijt" - adjective!
Ik ben mijn sleutels kwijt.
been, became, become
He became a well-known writer.
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past participle "worden"
Hij is een bekende schrijver geworden.
That's indeed unacceptable.
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Dat is inderdaad onaanvaardbaar.
Hatred is the opposite of love.
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de haat
De haat is de tegenstelling van de liefde.
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