merger, acquisition, takeover

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An occasion when two or more companies or organizations join together to make one larger company
An act of consolidating companies or assets
when the company acquires another one
~ usually have a negative conotation
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tender offer (offering to purchase shares at a Premium to the market price, proxy vote - persuading shareholders to vote out the existing Management
acquirer # target/ predator # prey
nearly the same as takeover
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oferta przejęcia
A public offer to a company's stockholders to buy their stocks at a certain price (higher than the current market price) during a limited period of time
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takeover bid
typy przejęć
It occurs when an acquiring company seeks to acquire another one but the target company doesn't wish to be taken over
hostile takeover
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friendly takeover
when the Board of directors from both companies negotiate and approve the bid. The Board from the target company will approve the buyout terms and shareholders will get the opportunity to vote in favour of or against takeover
Nalot/ atak
you have majority stake
involves buying as many of company's stocks as possible on the stock market
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Raider/attacker # victim
korzyści skali
reduced production costs resulting from large-scale production
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economies of scale
efekt synergii
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synergy effect
combined results produced by entities working together which are greater than the sum of the separate parts
adding new or different products or services
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succesful companies generally want to diversify
udział w rynku
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market share
A company's sales expressed as a percentage of the total sales in a market
money paid to investment banks for advising a takeover
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baza klientów
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customer base
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A company's Optimum size or market share can be quite small, and large conglomerates can become unmanageable and inefficient
usuwanie aktywów - sprzedaż aktywów przejmowanej spółki
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asset-stripping - sale of assets of the acquired company
buying a company in order to sell its most valuable assets as a profit
wykup wspomagany
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leveraged buyout
White knight
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White knight
you Look for another company that you prefer to be acquired by, acquirer of last resort
poison pill
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poison pill
makes itself less attractive to potential acquirer, smth difficult to swollow or accept
pac-man/reverse takeover
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pac-man / reverse takeover
target becomes a predator and dip into its war chest for cash to buy a majority stake in predator's company
kupować kota w worku
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buy a pig in a poke
zaglądnąć w każdy kąt
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look at every nook and cranny
w ustawie itp
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but also the plumber said that amendment would be cheap
this law requires an amendment
sandbag Defence
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sandbag Defense
with this tactic the target company stalls with the hope that another, more favorable company will make a takeover attempt.
Killer bees
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Killer bees
firms and individuals that help other companies avoid takeovers, such as investment bankers, accountants, attorneys and tax specialists, by aggresively devising and implementing anti-takeover Strategies
hired Gun
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hired gun
An expert who is bought into a company to Deal with a particular Problem
porcupine provisions/shark repellent
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porcupine provisions / shark repellent
A company will make special amandments to its charter or bylaws that become active only when a takeover attempt is announced - goal is to make a company less attractive for the acquirer

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