Economic cycles - słówka

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a situation in the stock market in which the prices of shares are falling
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bear market
a document given to someone who invests money in a government or company, promising to pay back the money with interest
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to reach the lowest point
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the point at which a business operation no longer loses money and can begin to make profit
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a situation in the stock market in which the prices of shares are rising
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bull market
feeling extremely happy, usually for a short time only
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an investor who buys at a high price believing there will always be someone they can sell to at an even higher price
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greater fool investor
someone who invents or begins using new ideas, methods, equipment, etc.
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the time when something is at its highest or greatest level
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to fall quickly from a high position
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a period when trade and industry are not successful and there is a lot of unemployment
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an important product especially a food, that people eat or use regularly
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a period when something that rises and falls regularly is at a low level, especially economic activity
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an investor who buys stocks they believe the market has undervalued
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value investor

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