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café in English:

1. pub pub

If you turn left at the lingerie shop, you'll see the pub straight ahead of you.
A pub is a popular gathering place in which to drink beer.
The workers like to gather in a pub where they can let their hair down.
Let's go to pub!
An izakaya is a Japanese style pub.
W tej dzielnicy jest wiele fajnych pubów.
If you've never had a pint of Guinness in a real Irish pub, I highly recommend it.
Mario's Pub is where the action is.
An Englishman, a Belgian and a Dutchman enter a pub and sit down at the counter. Says the barkeeper, "Wait a minute, is this a joke or what?"
I got along so well with the guy sitting next to me at the pub that we ended up drinking together till dawn.
I serve pub food to Canadian customers.
I searched at the pub for the person I had met online, but there was nobody who looked like that.
The best place for a tourist to eat in England is in a pub.
Masz ochotę pójść do pubu?
A clove cigarette miasma made navigating the pub like swimming underwater.

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