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raw in English:

1. inclement inclement

English word "raw"(inclement) occurs in sets:

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2. uncooked food uncooked food

3. not cooked not cooked

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4. harsh harsh

She grew up in the harsh environment of New York City.
Even today, many people live in harsh conditions and total poverty.
harsh outdoor environment
Her harsh manner of speaking doesn't suit her pretty face.
Islamic law, also known as Sharia law, is often associated by critics with harsh punishments and hardline attitudes
In this harsh, petty world where money does the talking, his way of life is like a breath of fresh air.
A prison term of 10 years for stealing some eggs seems a bit harsh.
surowy, ostry, bezlitosny, harshness (n)
harsh clarity
His attempt to shout to the last row makes his voice unpleasantly harsh.
The other interesting point the professor makes is that life may exist in the very harsh Martian environment – because primitive life exists in extreme places on Earth.
He was said to be particularly harsh with anyone who interrupted his nighttime enjoyments.
harsh = stern and unkind
The European Union legalises the harsh and savage exploitation of immigrants and workers as a whole in the European Union.
harsh treatment / a harsh life / a harsh voice / a harsh land / harsh white neon light / a time of harsh military discipline

5. clueless clueless

She's rather clueless.
It's unlikely she's as clueless as you think.
My mom is clueless about my drinking on weekends.
Most ​people are ​completely clueless about ​tide ​directions and ​weather ​conditions.
He tried to fix the engine, but he is completely clueless about car repairs.
I can't believe you're so clueless. You're like a babe in the woods.

6. not enough cooked

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