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rate in English:

1. a number of times something happens over the period of time a number of times something happens over the period of time

English word "rate"(a number of times something happens over the period of time) occurs in sets:

new opportunities - intermediate

2. at at

I'm at the hospital. I got struck by lightning.
How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
I'm good at Japanese.
I'm thinking about complaining about my son's teacher at the kindergarten.
To the best of my knowledge, the lake is the deepest at this point.
He did something stupid and was sneered at.
Happiness depends not so much on circumstances as on one's way of looking at one's lot.
You went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning? No wonder you look sleepy today.
Do you mind if I call on you sometime? "No, not at all."
School begins at half past eight except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
At first I felt a bit too shy to speak to her.
At the party the other night, my brother drank a bit too much and passed out.
At Narita Airport, I ran into an old friend of mine.
When I was a kid, touching bugs didn't bother me a bit. Now I can hardly stand looking at pictures of them.
Her composition had no grammatical errors at all.

3. the speed at which something happens over a period of time the speed at which something happens over a period of time

4. Pace Pace

You have to pace yourself or you'll choke halfway through.
Why don't we drive out to the country for a change of pace?
If you need a change of pace, why don't you come for a visit?
fast-paced lives
And after that she, at a pace of three times a week, gets drunk and at those times brings back a different man.
I can describe China, especially in relation to big cities like Beijing, in one sentence - China is a country whose pace of life is both fast and leisurely.
On seeing this, I can't help thinking: Can the residents of Beijing keep up with such a pace?
I wish I could live at a more relaxed pace, instead of having to watch the clock all the time.
Their pace falters, their eyes widening and their mouths dropping open as they see the buzz droid eating through the cage.
When she thought she heard someone following her, she quickened her pace.
Definition the pace of something is the speed at which it happens
There seems to be little reason, pace Freud, to attach much importance to any 'Oedipus complec'
Stories with expiry dates were clearly separated from the rest of the backlog, which allowed the team to slot in such stories into earlier iterations, dealing with them at a sustainable pace.
He put the letter away and paced around the room for a few seconds thinking.
I like working alone because I can work at my own pace and nobody's bossing me around or telling me what to do.

5. estimate

According to an estimate, steel production will reach 100 million tons this year.
revenue estimate
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that in Pakistan alone, the United States executed more than 400 drone attacks that killed as many as 4,000 people.
It’s estimated that as much as 80% of our interaction with others is throughon-verbal communication.
That slows down the rate and prevents any estimate
Mr Yamada frowned on the estimate presented by a travel agency.
Free estimate for Spanish translations (Jp to S and S to Jp).
It is likely that nobody can accurately estimate the depth and breadth of this ravine.
It was ​difficult to estimate how many ​trees had been ​destroyed.
Some economists estimate that housewives' services, valued in money, would amount to about 25% of GNP.
A camel is a gentle and pleasant tame beast whereof there are plenty in Africa especially in the Deserts of Libya, Numidia and Barbary by which Africans estimate their own wealth.
the two researchers were able to estimate what proportion of each child's life had spent in poverty.
The definition of an estimate is an opinion or a guess of the size, worth or cost of something.
Well in the UK it's estimated that you need around 360 hours of study to get to that stage from not knowing any English at all.
The estimate for repairs was low. It's just a rough estimate. It was not easy to estimate how many people were affected.

6. to judge the value or character of someone or something

English word "rate"(to judge the value or character of someone or something) occurs in sets:


7. how often something happens or how many people something happens to