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sauer in English:

1. sour sour

He glanced at the noisy child with a sour expression.
turn sour
They shall no longer say: ‘The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.’
Criticisms that Japan's market is closed are just sour grapes.
When the milk turns sour, I'm not the kind of pussy to drink it.
In Aesop's Fables is a story called "Sour Grapes".
Persimmons are highly nutritious and a great delicacy, but sometimes you get a sour one.
Don't be so sour. Have you seen that beautiful sun outside the window?
Our friendship soured when I got promoted.
To make the sauce, thoroughly blend the sour cream, yoghurt, lemon juice and sugar in a mixing bowl.
It’s inside bacon and sour cream is nice and Jack cheese.
privacy fears and ongoing confusion about security have soured the internet for many
My relationship with my fater is still sour
Add vinegar to give it a slightly sour taste.
if a situation sours, it stops being succesful or satisfatory

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2. sourest sourest

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3. soured

... armed forces who had soured on Mr. Maduro's authoritarianism.

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