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Flashcards created by me

week 1 introduction
Week 2 introduction2
week2 Relations
wk5&&6 (LinkedLists)
week 3 Software process model
week1 fundamentals recap
week 3 UML
week 4 Java input output
Week2 objects and parameters
Week 5 Hierarchy, Inheritance, Superclasses and Subclasses
Week 6 Inheritance Vector, ArrayList and LinkedList
Week7 Graphical User Interface (GUI). Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) and Swing
Week 8 Inheritance. Abstract classes. Polymorphism
Week 9 Event driven programing
Week 10 controlling layout
Week 3 Functions
Week 4 Logic
Week 5 Logic of Quantified statments
Week 6 Methods of proof
Week 3 Pattern matching a recursion
Week5 Patterns and recursion
Week6 functions as Values
Week 5 Requirements Engineering1
Week 6 Requirements Engineering II (Specification)
week 7 Software Design (Architecture)
week 9 System Modeling
Week 11 System Modeling
Week 7 Workshop 5 Hierarchical Data Structures Part 1
Week 8 Workshop 5 - continued Hierarchical Data Structures Part 1
Week 9 Workshop 6 Linear Data Structures – Part 2 Applications
Week 10 Workshop 7 Linear Data Structures – Part 3 Application - Hashing
week 11 Workshop 8 Hierarchical Data Structures Part 2 – Application: Expression Trees
Revision notes
Week 12 and 13 Software Configuration Management
Short answer questions
Short answers 2
Lecture 01: Introduction to Programming Languages
Lecture 02: Overview and Evaluation of Programming Languages
Lecture 09: Names, Bindings and Scopes
Lecture 03: Languages Implementation Methods & Compilation
Lecture 04: Lexical Analysis – Regular Expressions
Lecture 05: Lexical Analysis – Deterministic Finite Automaton
Lecture 06: Describing Language Syntax
Lecture 07 Syntax Analysis and Parsing
Lecture 08 Syntax Analysis and Parsing
Lecture 10: Elementary Data Types
Lecture 11: Compound/Composite Data Types
Lecture 12: Expression and Assignment
Lecture 13: Statement-Level Control Structures
Lecture 14: Subrograms and Parameter Passing
Lecture 15: Abstract Data Type
Lecture 16: Concurrency(wip22)

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