Cockney 26 - 50

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Mutt n'Jeff
Are you Mutt or what?
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Are you deaf or what?
plates of meat
What happened to your plates?
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What happened to your feet?
Ruby Murray
Don't use too much Ruby!
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Don't use too much curry!
Sexton Blake
Your new tracksuit is sexton, mate.
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Your new tracksuit is fake, mate.
syrup of figs
This party is syrup!
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as if "a wig flew off"
This party is wig!
tin tack
I'm afraid my boss is going to tin tack me.
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to fire someone
I'm afraid my boss is going to sack me.
loaf of bread
What's that hat on your loaf?
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also: lump of lead
What's that hat on your head?
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