500 de verbe importante în engleză 276 - 300

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a convinge
Cum ai putut să o convingi?
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to convince
How did you manage to convince her?
a amuza
M-a amuzat să văd cum bunicul dansează.
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to amuse
It amused me to see my grandpa dance.
a ucide
Teroriștii au ucis oameni nevinovați.
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to murder
Terrorists murdered innocent people.
a fi împotriva
Sunt împotriva deciziei tale.
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to object
I object to your decision.
a rezista
Nu poți rezista la ciocolată.
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to resist
You can't resist chocolate.
a opera
Piciorul lui trebuie operat.
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to operate
His leg must be operated.
a inventa
Alfred Nobel a inventat dinamita.
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to invent
It was Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite.
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