500 de verbe importante în engleză 101 - 125

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a uimi
Am fost uimită de comportamentul lui scandalos.
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to astonish
I was astonished by his scandalous behaviour.
a părăsi
la fel: a pleca;
Sven și-a părăsit soția.
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to leave
also: to abandon
Sven has left his wife.
a naște
Soția mea a născut gemeni numai ce.
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to give birth
My wife has just given birth to twins.
a schimba
Trebuie să-ți schimbi comportamentul.
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to change
You need to change your behaviour.
a se supune
Trebuie să te supui regulilor.
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to obey
You must obey the rules.
a urma
Urmează-ți mereu inima!
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to follow
Always follow your heart!
a preîntâmpina
Nu toate bolile pot fi preîntâmpinate.
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to prevent
Not all diseases can be prevented.
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