Word pairs – English Vocabulary

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up and down
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going alternately up and down/variable
to and fro
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going alternately
up and up
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constantly increasing
ups and downs
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troubles, complications, uncertainties
more and more
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increasingly, more frequently
loads and loads
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a lot
odds and ends
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scraps, remnants
on and off
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sometimes, infrequently
now and then
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infrequently, periodically
from time to time
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intermittently, ocassionally
out and about
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well enough to come and go, especially after an illness
black and white
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monochromatic picture, i.e. without colors
black or white
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clear distinction, without any gradation
in black and white
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written down or in print, therefore official
bits and pieces
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things, elements
far and wide
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for a great distance, over a large area
flora and fauna
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plants and animals
give or take
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plus or minus
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approximately, nearly
more or less
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approximately, roughly
peace and quiet
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tranquillity and freedom from disturbance
pick and choose
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select with great care
sick and tired
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annoyed and tired by reason of excess
sooner or later
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eventually, at some unspecified future time
song and dance
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an elaborate story or effort to explain and justify something, or to deceive and mislead someone
then and there = there and then
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at that precise time and place, on the spot

Learn common words pairs

There are some common words pairs in English, like black and white that are always used in the same order. These nonreversible words pairs are similar to collocations in English. It is very useful to learn this list of pairs and to understand their meaning in order to know how to use them in a sentence. Learn these pairs of two words that go together to use them in your next English conversation!

List of pairs

The words pairs are also called Siamese twins or idiomatic pairs. The flashcards will help you understand and remember the words pairs. You can also download the words as an mp3 file. The words mp3 will be easy to use and will help you learn whenever you want. Use the words mp3 to enhance your vocabulary and develop your English language skills! Here are some examples from the list of pairs included in this lesson:
  • 1. black and white - monochromatic picture
  • 2. bits and pieces - things, elements
  • 3. flora and fauna - plants and animals
  • 4. now and then - infrequently, periodically
  • 5. to and fro - going alternately

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Repeat and master these words mp3 to proceed to other interesting English lessons! Learn more words mp3 to impress the natives during your next conversation in English! Our linguists prepared many more interesting English lessons and professional English courses with useful words mp3. The Expressions with "put", Expressions with "have" and Expressions with "get" lessons, for example, will teach you common words mp3 and expressions related to these verbs. They are really useful in everyday conversations and are a must-learn for every person! Continue your journey through the English language with VocApp!

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