Untranslatable - Sem tradução

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can mean e.g. to, on, at, away
At which time does the bus leave?
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A que horas parte o autocarro?
can mean e.g. from, of, by, in, at
This is Rachel's son.
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Este é o filho da Raquel.
definite, plural feminine article
Your answers are correct.
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As suas respostas estão corretas.
can mean e.g. to, towards, for, in order to
I'd like to book a table for two people.
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Queria reservar uma mesa para duas pessoas.
second-person singular pronoun used in formal conversations
very used in Brazil to replace "tu". In Portugal is very formal and only used in very specific conversations.
You cannot say like this.
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second-person singular pronoun used in f in English
Você não pode dizer isso assim.
indefinite masculine article
A coffee, please.
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Um café, por favor.
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