Russian food you need to try

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a beef and beetroot soup served with a dollop of sour cream.
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a thick soup with various types of meat (ham, sausage, bacon, smoked meat), vegetables, pickles, a lemon slice and spices
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cabbage rolls with minced meat in a tomato sauce
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thin crepes with many types of toppings: caviar, minced meat, apples, honey, sour cherries and more
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a salad of boiled potatoes, eggs, carrots, pickles and mayo, traditionally served on the New Year celebration
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a cold soup with potatoes, eggs, cucumbers and dill on a buttermilk base
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a beef stew with vegetables and spices, served with sour cream
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a marinated meat kebab smoked over an open fire
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dumplings filled with meat with onion, sometimes turnip or mushroom and served with sour cream
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pastries with different stuffings: meat, cabbage, cottage cheese, potatoes, mushroom or sweet ingredients
тульский пряник
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made from honey and with jam or condensed milk inside; it has a traditional print on it
gingerbread from Tula
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a cabbage soup with vegetables and sometimes meat
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a fish soup with vegetables, traditionally made over fire
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although it's not food, let's not forget about this tasty fermented beverage made from black bread

Traditional Russian food

Russian cuisine is a mix of different nations' customs and cooking traditions and the local ones. It was influenced by European, Asian, Siberian and Caucasian cuisines, forming different and interesting dishes. Many of the Russian food recipes appeared as a response to the harsh climate, that is why some of the typical Russian food includes caviar, fish, pork and the fruits and vegetables people were able to find, like berries or mushrooms. Besides the traditional food, there are also drinks that were invented many centuries ago and are still popular, like vodka or kvas.

Russian cuisine

People used seasonal vegetables and meat to cook Russian soups. Some of the most popular of them are shchi and borsch. There is also a Russian fish soup and a Russian pickle soup called solianka. A meat mixture that is stored in cans and spread on bread is pashtiet. Out of common Russian food is worth mentioning zharkoye - a beef stew with vegetables. Probably the most famous Russian food is blini, or blinchiki - a traditional Russian dessert, crepes served with jam, honey, sour cream or caviar. Want to know more about such dishes? Learn more with our free Russian lesson!

Russian culture

Russian culture is very diverse and unique. It is also very different from what you are used to and definitely worth experiencing! We prepared some lessons not only on cuisine but on places worth visiting, basic Russian words and phrases and of course travel tips. The Russian customs will enchant you with their unique atmosphere and their long history. We are sure that after our flashcard lessons, Russia will become your top travel destination! Let's learn more about Russian culture together!

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