Russian cities you should visit

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You should definitely visit the Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and The State Tretyakov Gallery. Also, explore the metro and the churches of the city.
Saint Petersburg
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The main tourist attraction is the Hermitage Museum and its Winter Palace. The city is also famous for its bridges and canals, churches and theatres, the Peter and Paul Fortress and Dvortsovaya Ploshchad.
Нижний Новгород
Nizhny Novgorod
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Don't forget to visit the Kremlin, the old Pechersky Ascension Monastery and the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevskiy. You will be enchanted by the architecture on Rozhdestvenskaya Street and impressed by the history of the house of Maxim Gorky.
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Explore the Kazan Kremlin, built during the rule of Ivan the Terrible, the old Kul Sharif Mosque and the Temple of All Religions’. Enter the Kazan Arena that hosted games during the 2018 World Cup and shop at Tatar bazaars.
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A great place for a cultural escape is the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Other places to visit are the Lenin Square, where you can see the monument of the famous leader and the Central Siberian Geological Museum.
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Called "the Paris of Siberia", Irkutsk is famous for the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral, the Volkonsky Museum and the Icebreaker Angara Museum. Don't forget to see the traditional Siberian architecture on the 130 Kvartal and to enjoy the views of Lake Baikal.
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Some of the must-see places are the Museum of Fine Arts and the Ural Geological Museum, where you will see why is Yekaterinburg famous for precious stones. Visit the Romanov Death Site to learn more about imperial Russia.
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Explore the villa of the famous dictator Stalin, the Arboretum and Aquarium, pass the banks of the breathtaking Ritsa Lake, enjoy the beauty of the 33 Waterfalls and listen to the Singing Fountains.
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This city and its fish market are perfect for seafood lovers. Travel to the Eagle’s Nest Hill with a funicular, explore the Russky Island Bridge and listen to some classical music at the Russian Opera House.
Veliky Novgorod
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It is home to several World Heritage Sites, including the Novgorod Kremlin and the Tserkov' Spasa na Nereditse. The city is full of beautiful churches: the St. George Monastery, the St. Basil's Cathedral and many more are waiting for you to discover them.
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Red Street is a great place for walking and admiring the city, while the Solnechnyy Ostrov is a must-see for nature lovers. The Felitsyn Museum is perfect if you are passionate about archaeology.
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Learn more about the history of Ufa by visiting Victory Park and the monuments of the city. Don't forget to include the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Bashkir State Art Museum in your travel list.
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One of the main buildings is the Königsberg Cathedral, where you can listen to organ concerts and visit the mausoleum of Immanuel Kant. Explore the Museum of the World Ocean and take a look at the trees in the Dancing Forest.
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You can't visit Volgograd without passing by the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex and Pavlov’s House, the two places that will present you the history of World War II. Also, enjoy the picturesque views of Lake Elton.
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The places you must visit in Smolensk are the Fortress, its Thunder Tower and the Central Park of Culture. Just like other Russian cities, Smolensk is famous for beautiful churches, including the Uspensky Sobor and the Monastery of St John the Baptist.

Russian cities to visit

Russia should be the first in your travel list and here is why! It is the largest country by territory, with mountains and seashores, beautiful lakes, rivers and of course - epic Russian cities! Russia has an impressive and diverse culture. Its historical heritage can be observed in the main Russian cities. Two of the main Russian cities, Moscow and St Petersburg are famous for their amazing institutions: the Pushkin Art Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre and of course, the Hermitage. The cultural capital of Russia and one of the best cities in the country is full of concert halls, museums, art galleries and theatres. If you're interested to learn more about Russian history and in which Russian cities happened the main events, we prepared a special lesson: Brief history of Russia. The major cities in Russia are also the places where you can experience some of the most interesting traditions of Russian culture and try some of the best dishes. Learn more about the traditional Russian cuisine with the Russian food you need to try lesson. Discover the real Russia with VocApp!

Best cities in Russia

The lesson includes a list of the best Russian cities for a traveller and reasons to visit them. One of the best places to visit in Russia is Yekaterinburg. The city of Yekaterinburg is famous for its geological museum and precious stones. A major city in Russia is Novgorod, famous for its old history and the beautiful churches located there. Kazan, another Russian city, is known for its Kremlin which was built during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, an important figure in Russian history. One of the cities in Russia is called "the Paris of Siberia" and it is, of course, Irkutsk. This Russian city, its cathedrals and museums are some of the best places to visit in Russia. The Russian city names are also interesting. For example, Krasnodar comes from "krasnyi" - red or beautiful and "dar" - gift. It is the Russian city of the tastiest fruits and vegetables. The cities in Russia are unique and magnificent. The long history of the country left beautiful marks in the Russian cities that are waiting to be discovered! Learn more about some of the best cities in Russia to make sure you visit all of them next time you're there!

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