Party Hard

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a drinking straw
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Ask the waiter for a sipper for you and your siblings!
a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound
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She can beat out a musical groove on old cooking pans.
experience hallucinations induced by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD
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During my trip on LSD I saw the paintings in my house moving.
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I'm going straight to bed - I'm absolutely shattered after my shift.
an abreviation for 'bring your own booze'
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short for "bring your own booze"
You don't have to buy presents but please B.Y.O.B.
to make a short visit to a person or place
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to swing by
You're always welcome, swing by next weekend!
a party for a woman who is going to get married
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hen party
Our stag do wasn't half as crazy as their hen party.
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