Les 500 verbes anglais les plus courants 176 - 200

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Comment je peux vous contacter?
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to contact
How can I contact you?
Je l'ai supplié d'être plus raisonnable.
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to beg
also: to plead
I begged her to be more reasonable.
Imagine-toi un monde sans argent!
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to imagine
Imagine a world without money!
Remets le livre et viens ici!
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to put
also: to give back
Put the book back and come here!
Nous avons perdu tout l'argent.
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to lose
We've lost all the money.
Je ne vois rien!
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to see
I can't see anything!
Je t'ai déjà pardonné.
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to forgive
I've already forgiven you.
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