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przygnębiać kogoś
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bring sb down
ukrócić coś, podjąć zdecydowane kroki przeciw
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clamp down on sth
We must clamp down on the sloppy standard of work.
mieć chandrę
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feel down in the dumps
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jot down
burzyć np. dom
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knock down
We’re sort of thinking of knocking the house down soon and building another one.
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take down
zarobić dużo pieniędzy w krótkim czasie
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make a killing
Since the launch of their new product the company has made a killing.
premiera (produktu)
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launch [lɔ: ntʃ]
zaciskać [czyjegoś] pasa
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tighten one's belts
I’m afraid we’ll have to tighten our belts now that our profits are down
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I’m not going to pay that price for it. It’s a rip-off.
przebój kasowy
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His new business has turned out to be quite a money-spinner. You may have a money-spinning idea, but you will need the capital to implement it.
żyć na granicy nędzy
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be on the breadline
wydawać pieniądze na lewo i prawo
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spend money like water
He really spends money like water. He must have another source of income coming from somewhere
spłukany (bez pieniędzy)
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flat broke
She’s not going on holiday this year as she is flat broke.
filia, drugorzędna firma
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subsidiary [səbˈsɪdiəri ]
zapłacić rachunek
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pick up the tab
Our subsidiary company has had a disastrous year and unfortunately we’ve been left to pick up the tab.
ustalać, sprawdzić
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ascertain [ˌæs.ə ˈteɪn ]
The police have so far been unable to ascertain the cause of the explosion.
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certainty [ˈsɜ: tənti ]
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striking [ˈstraɪkɪŋ ]
powab, urok
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glamour [ˈglæməʳ ]
stanowczy, zdecydowany
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emphatic [ɪmˈfætɪk ]
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meteoric [ˌmi: tiˈɒrɪk ]
Her appointment to the post at the age of 37 is the latest stage in a meteoric career.
formalne pismo, list
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She sent a ten-page missive to the committee, detailing her objections.
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dismissive [dɪsˈmɪsɪv ]
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patronage [ˈpætrənɪʤ ]
wyczuwać, domyślać się
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intuit [ɪnˈtʃuː.ɪt ]
He intuited that I was worried about the situation.
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neoliberalism [ˌniː.əʊˈlɪb.ər.əl.ɪ. zəm ]
duszący, przytłaczający
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stifling [ˈstaɪfl̩ɪŋ ]
I can't bear this stifling humidity.
dusić się
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suffocate [ˈ sʌfəkeɪt ]
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privatisation [ˌpraɪvɪtaɪˈzeɪʃən ]
Widespread demonstrations have taken place over the increasing privatization of public resources.
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fury [ˈfjʊəri ]
Underneath, unknown to me, was fury and tumult.
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hospital [ˈhɒspɪtəl ]
narażać kogoś na niebezpieczeństwo
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to put sb at risk
Privatisation, they said, would put patients at risk.
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sue [su: ]
They threatened to sue the hospital for libel if its staff continued to criticise the decision.
oszczerstwo, zniesławienie
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libel [ˈlaɪbəl ]
odrzucać, zwijać, osłabiać
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roll back
The president's plan to roll back environmental protections was not popular.
wplatać się
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be enmeshed [ɪnˈmeʃ]
Workers find themselves enmeshed in a Kafkaesque bureaucracy, centrally controlled and micromanaged
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herald [ˈherəld ]
The president's speech heralds a new era in foreign policy.
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enforce [ɪnˈfɔ: s ]
The new law was generally admitted to be difficult to enforce.
konformizm, zgodność
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conformity [kənˈfɔ: məti ]
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accommodation [əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən ]
to reach an accommodation, He argued that there could be no accommodation between capitalism and socialism.
nie do powstrzymania, nieugięty
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inexorable [ɪnˈeksərəbl̩ ]
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confine [kənˈfaɪn ]

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