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być wystarczająco dobrym do czegoś
be good enough, competent enough
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be up to (doing) sth
He simply isn’t up to the job / doing the job / exam standard / the task.
tuszować (fakty), ukrywać (prawdę)
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to cover sth up
The manager tried to cover up the mistake / the scandal / the crime.
wprowadzać coś (nowe prawo)
introduce a law, rule or system
Rząd chce wprowadzić nowe przepisy podatkowe.
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to bring in
The government wants to bring in new tax laws. The government is bringing in a new law / measures / policy.
stawić czoła czemuś, poradzić sobie z czymś
deal with the consequences, problems
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to face up to sth
Some ppl can’t face up their problems / their responsibilities / the truth.
ucichnąć, umilknąć
to be forgotten, to cease to arouse interest
Skandal niedługo ucichnie. Ta cała sprawa przycichnie i zniknie do jutrzejszego poranka.
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to blow over
The scandal will soon blow over. This whole thing will blow over and be gone by tomorrow morning.
wprowadzać rygory, wypowiadać walkę
get tough, to take strong action against sth illegal, or against ppl who don’t obey certain rules or laws
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to crack down on sb/sth
The police are cracking down on drug smuggling / traffic offences.
przekonać kogoś, zdobyć czyjeś poparcie
attract, persuade ppl, win support, to persuade sb to support or agree with you
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to win sb over
New campaign to win over floating voters.
przedstawiać coś, proponować coś
submit, suggest, to offer an idea or proposal for consideration
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to put sth forward
She put forward several suggestions/proposals. That's an excellent plan. Are you putting it forward to the Committee?
ustępować, wycofać się
to resing from a position of power, often in favour of sb else
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to stand down
It is rumoured that the Prime Minister will stand down before the next election. He stood down as party leader.
nie zrobić czegoś, co się obiecało
not to keep a promise, to break a promise or agreement
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to go back on sth
One should never go back on a promise / an agreement / one’s word. I never go back on my word (= not do what I said I would do). The government went back on elction promises.
niezgodny (z kimś/czymś)
having different ideas, opinions, etc from other people
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out of step (with sb/sth)
Her views are out of step with government policy. Her opinions on this matter are out of step with those of the majority of people.
nie wyciągać pochopnych wniosków
not decide yet, to wait until you know all the facts before you form an opinion about something or judge someone
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keep an open mind
The cause of the fire is still unclear and we are keeping an open mind. I don't want to decide until I know all the facts. I want to keep an open mind.
przymykać (na coś) oko
to choose to ignore something that you know is wrong or illegal
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turn a blind eye (to sth)
The government has been turning a blind eye to corruption within its own party.
nie orientować się w czymś, stracić orientację w czymś
to know little about what has recently happened
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be out of touch
I haven't read any articles on the subject for 5 years, so I am out of touch with recent developments. People have accused the government of being out of touch with what is really going on in the country.
ważyć się na szali, wisieć na włosku
it's not certain what will happen. you do not know whether it will succeed or fail
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hang in the balance
Jack’s career is hanging in the balance. The outcome of the election hangs in the balance, no one can say which side will win. He's seriously ill, we don't know whether he will live or die. His life is hanging in the balance.
wzrost popularności (np. trendu)
a period of popularity or of sudden growth
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the recent boom in all kinds of counselling and therapy
mocno zmniejszyć
greatly reduce
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Camera boom has not slashed crime.
przepytywać, przesłuchiwać
to question, interrogate
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A group of journalists quizzed them about/on the day's events.
łup, zdobycz
goods taken by police, a large amount of something that has been stolen or that is owned illegally
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a haul of arms/drugs; Cops quiz gang after huge heroin haul.
gwałtownie spadać
fall sharply, suddenly fall in value or level
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Temperatures plunged below zero.
oferta, próba
an offer or attempt
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a successful bid for re-election; I made a bid of $150 for the painting. Shares set to plunge after $2bn bid is withdrawn.
lecieć, pędzić
to go/run somewhere very quickly
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She dashed downstairs when she heard the phone. I must dash. I've got to be home by 7 p.m.
awantura, burda
a noisy fight, usually in public
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a drunken brawl in a bar; Footy fans brawl on jet.
wzrost, podwyższenie, zwiększenie (zwłaszcza duże i niechciane)
rise, an increase in the cost of sth, esp. a large or unwanted increase
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Greedy MPs call for a huge pay hike. Economists are predicting a hike in interest rates. price hikes
gliniarze, policjanci
police officers
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Cops quiz gang after huge heroin haul. Do you know what happened at the beach? There are cops everywhere.
director, high-ranking officer or official
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exciting, dramatic event
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przetasowanie, przegrupowanie, zmiany personalne
to rearrange, rearrangement
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a government reshuffle
zamknąć usta
to silence, censor, censorship
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The government is trying to gag the press over the issue.
kamień szlachetny, klejnot
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She used to be known for her gem collection.
nalot, obława policji
raid, to raid
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Five people were apprehended during the police swoop
election, voting, public opinion survey
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to resign, leave
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to look for, ask for, want
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fałszować, manipulować
to falsify
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He accused the government of rigging the elections. Officials denied that the competition had been rigged.
goods stolen in robbery or taken by police or customs
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action, step, to take action
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fighting, argument, conflict, to argue, to fight
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zabiegać o względy lub poparcie
to try to persuade people to support you or to buy something from you, especially by saying and doing nice things
to try to attract, zabiegać o względy lub poparcie
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Supermarkets are trying to woo customers by cutting prices. The party is clearly trying to woo women voters.
attempt, to attempt
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udaremnić, powstrzymać
to prevent; to stop a crime, plan, etc from succeeding, or to stop someone doing what they want to do
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The plot (spisek) was foiled by undercover police officers.
stop, to stop
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The council ordered that work on the project should be halted immediately. He has appealed for a halt to the fighting.
wypierać, usuwać, zmuszać do dymisji
to force out of office, remove from a high position
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He was ousted from power by a military coup. The president was ousted in a coup last year. The committee wanted to oust him from the union.
to question, interrogate
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strong request, call for help, appeal
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to prohibit, prohibition
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wsparcie, popierać
support, to support
Musisz poprzeć mój pomysł, nawet, jeśli im się nie spodoba.
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You have to back my idea even if they won't like it. He backed Mr Clark in the recent election.
run away from, scape
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divide, division
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ujawniać (informacje)
to escape, escape (of secret information)
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Details of the report had been leaked to the press.
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No one could provide an answer to the riddle of Elise’s death. Scientists may have solved the riddle of Saturn's rings.
investigate, investigation (dochodzenie)
Dochodzenie jest prawie skończone, znaleźliśmy mordercę.
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an FBI probe into corruption; The probe is nearly finished, we found the killer.
close, dismiss, cancel, closure, dismissal
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The company has announced plans to axe 500 jobs.
remove (restrictions, prohibitions)
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The government had already lifted the ban on beef imports.
restrict, restriction (ograniczać np. wydatki, podatki)
Musimy ograniczyć nasze wydatki, bo inaczej zbankrutujemy.
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to curb crime/inflation; Increased interest rates should curb inflation. We have to curb our expenses or else we will go bankrupt.
wprawiać w zakłopotanie, zbić z tropu
at loss to explain, mystified, sth difficult to understand
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[often passive ] The police were baffled by his disappearance.
angry argument
a situation in which many people are upset or excited
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the storm over working conditions; cause/provoke/spark a storm of something: His arrest provoked a storm of protest. a storm brews (=starts): Laurence is blissfully unaware of the legal storm brewing around him.
to demand, to appeal, demand, appeal
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criticise, reprimand
a statement by the police accusing someone of committing a crime
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a murder rap
diplomat, ambassador
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znieść zakaz
remove (restrictions, prohibitions)
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lift the ban
The government had already lifted the ban on beef imports.
glosy/krzyk protestu, protest
Sth ppl are angry about or disapprove
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There has been a public outcry against the new road.
pojmać, schwytać
capture; to take something using official power and force
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Customs officials have seized 100 kilos of cocaine. Action was taken to seize criminal assets valued at $200 million.

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