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the act of trying to become thinner by eating less food
wyszczuplanie (BrE)
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With all the diet-food and books on the market, slimming is big business these days.
making you look thinner
odchudzający (AmE)
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We're primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down.
to examine something very carefully in order to discover information
szczegółowo badać, analizować
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He scrutinized the men's faces carefully/closely, trying to work out who was lying.
very much respected and admired, usually because of being important
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The car won some of the industry's most prestigious awards.
to spend time worrying and trying to make a decision about it
zadręczać się czymś
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agonize over / about
partly, or to a limited degree
do pewnego stopnia
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up to a point
The new system was working - up to a point.
in such a way as to have worthwhile or beneficial effects
z najlepszym skutkiem, najkorzystniej
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to advantage
absolutely never
pod żadnym warunkiem, w żadnym razie
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under no circumstances = not under any circumstances
Under no circumstances will I ever go back there again!
to hang loosely, or to cause something to hang
zwisać, dyndać
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She's got pierced ears and wears lovely gold dangling earrings.
to find someone or something; to discover someone or something
wpaść na, natknąć się na
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come across
John came across a book he had been looking for.
the wool of a sheep, or a soft, artificial material that looks like wool
bluza polarowa, polar
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Polyester fleeces are especially popular to provide warmth in coats.
If a man has a (...), he is losing the hair from the front of his head.
włosy rzednące na skroniach
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receding hairline
a young person who is very clever and successful
cudowne dziecko
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whizz kid
They've taken on some financial whizz-kid.
a person who is involved in astronomy or astrology
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Der.: stargazing (n)
annoyed or angry (BrE)
zły, rozgniewany
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My Dad gets cross (with me) if I leave the kitchen in a mess.
able to be seen because of the light of the moon
oświetlony światłem księżyca
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a bright, moonlit night
extremely cruel / of very bad quality
okropny, potworny, przerażający
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His Russian was atrocious, but he communicated / an atrocious crime
If something (...) an emotion, it allows you to experience that emotion again / to take something into your possession again, esp. by force
odtworzyć, przywołać
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They’re bent on recapturing their past glory. American troops recaptured Guam in July 1944.
to move close to someone for affection, warmth, or comfort, or to arrange something around yourself
przytulić się, wtulić się
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They snuggled together on the couch.
completely involved in
pochłonięty czymś
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wrapped up in
to see, hear or understand sth with difficulty (phr v)
dostrzegać, zrozumieć
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make out
to invent (phr v)
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make up
to deal with a situation, usually in a successful way (phr v)
powodzić się
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make out
How is Frances making out in her new job?
to kiss and touch in a sexual way, or to succeed in having sex with someone (phr v)
całować się
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make out
Boys at that age are only interested in making out with girls.
to forgive someone and be friendly with them again after an argument or disagreement
pogodzić się
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make up
I hope we'll make up after this argument.
to leave quickly, usually in order to escape
znikać, uciekać
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make off
The burglars made off before the police arrived.
to be one thing, or the most important thing, that causes something
kierować się do
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make for
Everyone agreed that filming inside a chocolate factory would make for good television.
to ask a question
postawić pytanie, podnieść kwestię
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pose a question
She was determined to pose a question on working conditions at the next staff meeting

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