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打印 in English:

1. to print to print

I have to print my thesis.

2. printer printer

The printer needs paper.
Can you unjam the printer?
Please replace the empty printer cartridge.
I bought this printer yesterday.
You have a really good printer.
This new inkjet printer is much faster than the old one.
Thank you for letting me know that the Model 600-J printer will not be available until May 4, 1997.
A piece of paper got jammed in the printer and now it doesn't work.
I must buy a printer.
The students used the school printer to make posters for the fair.
Apart from basic printers we also posses some technologicaly-advanced machines.
He is a teacher but now he works as a printer.
He worked as an independent printer from 1953 to 1970.
I can print that photo with my new printer.
The printer in Peter's office is broken and doesn't print anymore.

English word "打印"(printer) occurs in sets:

Hardware - 硬件

3. printout printout

Can I have printouts of those documents, please?
Each training participant received printouts with additional exercises.

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Software and operating systems - 软件和操作系统