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web sitesi in English:

1. website website

We should spend our time creating content for our website rather than wasting time worrying about minor cosmetic details.
It wouldn't be too hard to design a new website for you.
I design websites.
Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."
Example sentence no. 354618 created a lot of confusion on the Tatoeba website.
My favorite website is Kylie Konnect and it's better than Facebook.
It would be appreciated if you also went to the website to post a comment on that sentence, to indicate it doesn't sound natural and should be improved.
If you want to read this page later, just know that you can access it from the "Help" link at the very bottom of the website.
I hear that you can burn CDs with Windows XP; could you tell me a website that explains the procedures involved?
I also run my own website, to try and record my progress and to help other people a little bit.
FSI officer: "Sir, there is a website where ANYONE can add a sentence in a foreign language!". FSI president: "What?! Bomb them!".
We are building a new company website with the help of some of the country’s top web designers.
The new Tatoeba website will use a home-made "hyper" database, a "made-from-scratch" search engine, and will run on a tatoebux-OS server with a tatoetel CPU made entirely out of tatoebium.
We translated the sentences and wrote them on the website for others to see, as well.

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