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jämlikar in English:

1. peer peer

Children are easily influenced by their peers.
I peered into the darkness
peer pressure
We're peers.
And I'm a product of that generation, like so many other of my peers.
These days, children prefer computer games to playing with their peers.
She kept peering over her shoulders
... bit like peek is“ peer”, but you peer... it's...
She was known among her peers as a good student
In this situation I think it's better tp peer through the mist rather than decide blindly.
When no one answered the door, she peered through the window to see if anyone was there. / The driver was peering into the distance trying to read the road sign.
He started to move toward the wall to peer out
. The window was so dirty we had to peer through it to see inside.
The ​driver was peering into the ​distance ​trying to ​read the ​road ​sign. Getting ​help from a peer is ​easier than ​asking a ​teacher.
Peer helpers made the teacher's job a lot easier, but established a cruel hierarchy among the students.