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en bedömning bedömningar in English:

1. assessment

If I were to have to make a risk assessment of her, it’d have to be high
written exams and other forms of assessment
We also need to discuss risk assessment.
In my university, assessment is done thouhg oral exams
The assessment of communist countries is positive overall.
Support assessment team.
"The overall pattern of his career validates your assessment."
The assessment on Atilla's work differed among the jury.
In continuous assessment it is also much more difficult to stop students from cheating by using other peoples’ work from the internet.
One of my favorite courses was Financial Ratios Analysis and for our final assessment we were given the task of comparing two publicly listedcompanies on the stock exchange.
The insurance company's assessment of the car was acceptable
In some schools, colleges and universities, instead of tests and exams there is continuous assessment with marks, e.g. 65%, or grades, e.g. A, B+, for essays and projects during the term.
Mayer's assessment of Byrne's true abilities were kept to a minimum.
The vast majority of Member States and Parliament agreed with this assessment.
The report gives a sober assessment of the current state of science education in the US.

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