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филиал in English:

1. branch branch

Better to extend an olive branch than launch a missile.
I think I can reach the branch if you'll give me a boost.
Luckily, I got hold of a branch and was saved from falling.
branch office
Thank you very much for everything while working for the Osaka branch.
Where did he ever come up with the notion of opening a branch?
It's possible to branch out from computing to jobs in banking, accountancy and so on.
Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.
The accountants and finance analysts all have their own departmental office two blocks away from the business's main branch.
The message on the website of the South Yorkshire branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (Narpo) was made public by accident.
They comprise the branches of well-known firms and department stores, amny specialty shops, at leat one supermarket, confectionery, fast food outlets and even a filling station.
Of special interest are the bromeliads that grow on trunks and along branches of big trees.
My favourite restaurant has three branches; one in London, one in Portsmouth and one in Manchester.
Alpen Capital Limited has received approval from the Abu Dhabi Global Market to establish a branch office in Abu Dhabi.
We must eradicate the drug traffic, root and branch.

2. subsidiary subsidiary

We're an official subsidiary of Grayson Global.
What are you going to take as a subsidiary subject?
My friend works for a subsidiary of an international corporation.
I'm going to work for a year in the company's subsidiary.
This is a subsidiary of the EADS group.
She's working for an overseas subsidiary of the company
a subsidiary ledger containing the separate memorandum
In the case of a subsidiary included in consolidation, the acquisition cost of its fixed assets is their fair value estimated as at the acquisition date.
We're an official subsidiary of Grayson Global. Everything else is subsidiary to maximising the retirement income of Australians.
The company is our wholly-owned subsidiary.

3. affiliation affiliation

their name and affiliation
An affiliation is an official connection to something. To have an affiliation to something is to be affiliated with it.
For a time, he even gave up his Democratic affiliation.