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разочаровывающий in English:

1. frustrating

Using this website is frustrating.
My job can be very frustrating sometimes.
This situation is so frustrating!
They keep sending me the wrong forms – it’s very frustrating.
After spending so much time and money on classes, it’s really frustrating not to be able to communicate in English.
I find waiting in queues incredibly frustrating!
Not being able to join in the conversation was frustrating.
It was so frustrating.
It can be really frustrating.
It's very frustrating to try to find your glasses when you can't see anything without glasses.

English word "разочаровывающий"(frustrating) occurs in sets:

family and friends

2. disappointing

It was disappointing that nobody ate the expensive sushi I had served.
Last night's concert was disappointing.
The result proved disappointing.
I know he will only continue disappointing me, but I can't help loving him.
To sum up, we can say that his new novel is disappointing.
Nothing is more disappointing than to lose in the finals.
A blanket of silence fell over everyone when they heard the disappointing announcement.
Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.
The game ended with a disappointing score of 2–2.
Even taken on its own terms, the book is disappointing.
A disappointing baseball season usually means that your favorite team lost a lot of games.
It was disappointing not to win a medal, but I still made history!
The ​response to ​our ​advertisement has been ​somewhat disappointing.
The film was rather disappointing. I expected something much better.
The speaker didn't know his subject, nor did he speak well; in short, he was disappointing.