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жалюзи in English:

1. shutters

The storm rattled the shutters.
Exterior shutters make houses more secure from intruders.
When I was in Spain shutters were perfect solution for keeping morning light blocked but air still circulating.
Close the shutters and draw the curtains. There must be as little light as possible.

2. blinds

She pulled the blinds down.
Building materials can include tiles, carpet, blinds and tools.
I need new blinds.
we fixed our blinds
Do you sleep with the curtains or blinds open?
Do you usually sleep with your bedroom completely dark, or with the curtains or blinds open?
Keeping the blinds closed in the summer keeps the house cooler.
A little light came into the room through the blinds.
It's dark in here. Could you roll up the blinds?
I can only fall asleep with closed blinds.
Draw the blinds, please.
I've been sleeping much better since I got darker blinds for my windows.
Sarah, could you close the blinds?

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