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obraznic in English:

1. nasty nasty

I have such a nasty headache. / 2. Sheriff, eavesdropping is a very nasty habit. / 3. I can be very nice, and I can be very nasty.
His nasty comments fueled the argument.
nasty accident
Two nasty guys robbed me of my jewels and ran away.
He doesn't look that way, but he's really a nasty piece of work.
Everybody has a flaw. And it looks like yours is smellin' like my nasty guts.
The definition of nasty is something that is very dirty, unpleasant or offensive.
The contents of a trash container can get pretty nasty.
He had a nasty experience at the dentist when he was young, and the memories of this put him off dental surgeries for life.
A nasty thrill of fear shot through me and the sound of Chris moving his feet let me know that he to
My parents quarrelled and it was a nasty situation.
Don't be so nasty TO your brother - he's four years younger than you!
Why is Cloutier in such a nasty mood?' 'He has lost a lot of money.'
Technology could solve some nasty problems.

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2. cheeky cheeky

I hate cheeky people.
<a cheeky comment about something that was none of her business>
He's cheeky and malicious for all that, he's your brother.
And don't be cheeky.
... we have like a cheeky tag line?
He has been very cheeky to you, he should apologize.
You're getting far too cheeky!
cheeky smile
He had the most wonderful, cheeky smile
Are you not too cheeky maybe?
Those kids are as cheeky as their parents.
"He's a cheeky little boy."
A cheeky kid was making faces at me while his mother paid the cashier
His questions sound rather cheeky.
If you're cheeky once more, I won't read you a story tonight.

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3. naughty naughty

You are naughty.
Your son is naughty, please tell him that to do this kind of things it is not polite.
While she was running after the naughty boy, one of her shoes came off.
Even nudists often use euphemisms when referring to naughty parts.
I’d say I was a pretty well-behaved child. I wasn’t naughty very often.
That naughty child needs a good beating.
Are you going to play tricks on me again, you naughty boy?
The little child was so naughty, his parents had to discipline him a lot.
My mother says Japanese kids aren't naughty, but they live very far away, so Santa Claus doesn't bring them gifts. Thank goodness I was born in Spain.
That naughty boy annoys me by his pranks.
you’ve been a really naughty boy / naughty goings-on
Maybe the boy has beenaughty, because it seems as if he’s looking at the ground.
Now that's naughty - don't throw food on the floor!
Naughty vs nice. Wants to be nice, is nice: Cancer, Virgo, Libra; wants to be naughty, is nice: Taurus, Pisces; wants to be nice, is naughty: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn; wants to be naughty, is naughty: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
English students are naughty but not happier

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