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znaczek in English:

1. stamp stamp

This document is invalid without a stamp.
Sign across the stamp.
Tom finally got hold of the rare stamp he wanted.
Put this stamp on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.
I don't have a stamp collection, but I have a Japanese postcard collection that I could use as an excuse to invite her.
I could not buy the 3 sen stamp to put on the letter, so it ended up staying for many days on top of the tokonoma.
I have often observed how little young ladies are interested by books of a serious stamp, though written solely for their benefit. It amazes me, I confess; for, certainly, there can be nothing so advantageous to them as instruction.
This letter bears a foreign stamp.
Place this merchandise slip into the time stamp, and the date and time will be impressed.
Whose image is on this stamp?
A ballot paper needs to have an official stamp on it to be valid.
he stamped my passport
He moistened the stamp with his tongue before sticking it on the envelope.
The little boy was stamping his foot and refusing to take his medicine.
The postman returned the letter to me because I forgot to put a stamp on it.

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2. badge badge

She was wearing multiple badges on her bag.
Before I tell you anything I want to see your badge.
Wisdom is the badge of maturity.
Everyone at the ​conference ​wore a badge with ​their ​name on.
wear your ID badge around your neck when you are in College
‘Why, does that need a bloody badge too?’
Look at my badge!
He carried his police badge with great pride.
When I starter school I used to carry a badge with my name.
bruised legs are standard badges of honour
My father is a policeman so he always carries his badge.
Each boy student has a school badge on his cap.

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3. badging

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