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zapewniać in English:

1. provide provide

Can we provide assistance?
The government will provide interest-free loans to firms that participate in the program.
This book aims to provide an explanation of modern Japanese grammar that is as systematic and as easily understood as possible.
The master plan includes programs to provide employment as well as recreation.
The families of the factory workers need schools, hospitals, and stores, so more people come to live in the area to provide these services, and thus a city grows.
The 456 billion dollars spent in the Iraq war could provide one year's free education for every child in the world.
Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information, or if you would like to contact me for questions.
We provide broad services to the computer end users, based on our experience and technical expertise.
This year, Edinburgh began work on its fifteen-year regeneration project to transform its waterfront and provide a new kind of living area for its growing population.
Admittedly, models of hegemonic order cannot provide an explanation for all observed successful bargaining strategies.
By obtaining advanced technology from Japan, those countries also plan to provide people with a technical education.
Medicaid, a program originally created to provide medical care for poverty-level women and children, today spends almost a third of its budget on elderly people.
If an Icelandic sentence has a translation in English, and the English sentence has a translation in Swahili, then indirectly, this will provide a Swahili translation for the Icelandic sentence.

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2. ensure

Careful preparations ensure success.
When watching TV, please ensure that the room is brightly lit and watch from a distance.
Advantaging myself over the competition is the only way I can ensure my evaporated yogurt water stand will be here tomorrow.
To ensure the safety of Americans, strict security rules have been introduced at the airports.
■ they ensure that the client and/or project supervisor take consideration of the safety and health plan and the document – by including them in the invitation to tender.
They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.
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In the event that asbestos-covered mesh is found, ensure its safety by damping the asbestos portion to prevent dust release and wrapping in a plastic bag.
The police service helps to ensure security.
However, it is important to remember that only active participation in sports activities may ensure fitness and well-being.
An example of ensure is for a teenager to make sure that his little brother gets home from school safely.
sb is responsible for ensuring that / sb shall ensure that
We must ensure fair and greater competition among agricultural goods suppliers.
Parents often sacrifice themselves to ensure that their children receive a good education.
Of course, that’s not all... they believe their staff are the driving force behind their success and therefore they ensure they get rewarded for all their hard work.

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3. to assure

to assure good conditions
He called me to assure if i felt good.

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4. assert

He asserted that no one will get a passing grade without submitting an essay.
He has asserted his innocence.
You were able to assert yourself.
Plato has asserted that
Biologists assert the losses are severe.
Justice will assert itself.
When an answer is not forthcoming, questioners assert their rights to an answer by repeating the question.
Cavazos asserted that Spacey allegedly sexually harassed numerous young men as artistic director at London’s Old Vic theater.
Social responsibility has begun to assert itself these days.
The ​companies have asserted that everything they did was ​appropriate.
the company asserts that the cuts will not affect development
Several members of Congress called upon the president to assert leadership.
The need of the hour is to assert our right.
crime victims are starting to assert their rights
Tabloids assert that the killer cucumber would have sodomised the mad cow.

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5. reassure

the booker would reassure them and tell them they looked fantastic
he reassured me that I would be paid soon
A stroke needs immediate attention, and the faster the person receives medical help, the less damage is caused. Talk to the person to reassure them while you wait for the ambulance.
Somebody who is having a stroke may have difficulty speaking clearly. Continue to reassure them until medical help arrives.
Should I try to talk with the person? Yes, talk to the person and reassure them. Even though they might not respond to you, they may still be able to hear what is going on.
You must always be professional and confident in your ideas, reassure your clients that you have taken all their concerns and requirements into consideration and prove to them that your design has addressed all these issues.
I tried to reassure him that everything was going to be all right but he was too worried.
Police have reassured the public that the area is now perfectly safe.
I was nervous on my first day at college, but I was reassured to see some friendly faces.
In attempting to reassure the markets, you are unsettling companies.

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6. aver

I averred that she was innocent of the allegations
I think the average time, they average it out, is actually it’s an hour and a half or an hour and fifteen minutes when they aver it out over all the people who do it.

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