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1. pattern pattern

Your sweatshirt has a lovely pattern.
India ink produces an interesting pattern when used as a dye.
This vowel change has much to do with the overall accent pattern assigned to each word.
All B-class horrors always follow the same pattern.
A diametrically opposed kinship pattern is to be observed among certain South Sea Island communities.
Man lives in a community, and has to conform to a social pattern.
The shifting pattern of world trade is made clear in the following table.
Yet today only about 15 percent of American families follow this pattern.
1. You can copy this pattern if you want to. 2. Can you send me a pattern before I make any decisions?
Detachment provides perspective, which in turn permits a certain amount of pattern recognition.
The news interview under investigation follows the conventional pattern of the turn-taking system, which consists of answers following questions.
The pattern of family life has been changing over recent years. A whole variety of behavior (al) patterns affect infants.
behaviour patterns
When we study English one negative pattern, we tend to have is, we just looking the words we understand it, end we move on.
Around his facts the scientist weaves a logical pattern or theory which gives the facts meaning, order, and significance.

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2. formula formula

He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.
The chemical formula for water is H₂O.
A formula is very convenient, because you need not think about it.
Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is the most famous formula in the world.
He refuses formula.
The optimal formula which would encompass all these factors has not been proposed.
The question of how to establish the optimal formula is still open.
First of all, learn the formula by heart.
What is the formula for the circumference of a circle?
The result of this experiment is obscured by the extra variables added in the formula.
They feed her a special polar bear formula.
There's no magic formula for success. What's the formula for converting pounds into kilos?
I can't remember one mathematical formula I learnt in school
Reexamination of the data is required to make the formula accurate.

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3. exemplar exemplar

I believe that strong cooperation between various authorities and exemplary behaviour of their parents may improve the current situation

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4. design design

She designs jewellery.
The first point that requires clarification is that the design was purely experimental.
Detailed design is the work of drawing up a diagram that is capable of being manufactured from the plan set in the baseline design.
I hope to make clear why I think Emmet's theory, originally introduced in the field of design architecture, is so important in physics.
It is the preservation of the species, not of individuals, which appears to be the design of Deity throughout the whole of nature.
The high performance and the elegant design of this model have combined to give it a high reputation.
There have been a lot of clothes lately that fit tightly and I don't like it. I prefer clothes with a loose design.
It is certain that Emmet contrived his 'dyad' style to facilitate the process of architectural design.
Translation is always a treason, and as a Ming author observes, can at its best be only the reverse side of a brocade,—all the threads are there, but not the subtlety of colour or design.
The film “Helvetica” is not so much about one particular typeface as it is about the last fifty years in Western graphic design.
The management tended to be too concerned about short-term improvement of the bottom line to have any long-term design for the future.
I'm looking for a coat. I'm short so the length should be on the short side, and as refined a design as possible.
The design was also given the finishing touch to have launch impact and dynamism provided by the novelty of the arch shaped logo design.
To design a new buildling, you need to draw a plan that shows how to make it.
Their siheyuans were far smaller in scale and simpler in design and decoration, and the hutongs were narrower.

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5. role model role model

Most everyone has a role model in their life. They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, or a sports hero.
I think he should spend some time with a decent role model, don't you?
She's a good role model for the kids.
He used to be my role model when I was a child.
Managers are excellent role models.
Parents are a child's primary role model.
"every child needs a role model"
We need positive role models for young women to aspire to.
The definition of a role model is someone who others look up to, or someone who has attributes and traits that make him a good person to try to be like.
Which sportsperson from your country do you think is a positive role model?

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6. pattern of pattern of

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7. paragon paragon

So far, he has managed to bring it down 10 percent. He has led by example, making the town hall a paragon of frugality
Suma na paragonie nie zgadza się.

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