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student in English:

1. collegian collegian

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2. student student

There are over 5000 international students from 150 countries at the University.
I'm a student.
If that boy had not been killed in the traffic accident, he would be a college student now.
Do you know the reason why two-thirds of the students did not attend the student meeting?
Any student who wishes to review his grades may make an appointment with the college dean.
He and I have been inseparable friends since our student days.
Every student of biology, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology or psychology is familiar with these facts.
Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.
The student felt that her low grade was not just.
I've never had a student before that behaved as badly as you did today.
The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.
The student left without saying anything.
Na uczelni jest ponad 5000 studentów z zagranicy reprezentujących 150 krajów.
Whenever I needed money as a college student, my parents always came through.
The student decided to abridge his paper by taking out unnecessary details.

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3. undergraduate undergraduate

They are all second-year undergraduates.
Are you an undergraduate or a postgraduate?
He's an undergraduate student at the moment, but he's already thinking about doing his Master's.

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4. college student college student

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5. university student university student

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6. postgraduate postgraduate

He is doing a postgraduate degree in aeronautical engineering.
a postgraduate course
I'm looking for some postgraduate school for my daughter.
Are you an undergraduate or a postgraduate?
The two-year programs are available for postgraduate students only.