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1. develop develop

developing world
The mandatory character of schooling is rarely analyzed in the multitude of works dedicated to the study of the various ways to develop within children the desire to learn.
Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them.
Shy people can develop drug dependence as a defense.
Research shows that children of homosexuals develop just as normally as kids in heterosexual families.
In foreign countries, especially in Western countries, students are encouraged to express and develop themselves as individuals.
For world peace, therefore, we must develop the consciousness that we are all one people of planet Earth through continual international cultural and economic exchange.
The latter will continue to develop along their own paths according to the needs of their own speakers.
He's born from a Jewish mother and a Muslim father; this helped him much to develop a kind of openmindedness.
Some species gradually develop elaborate repertoires of dozens or even hundreds of variants of a basic song.
After one or two large factories have been built in or near a town, people come to find work, and soon an industrial area begins to develop.
A man can no more become a woman than a monkey can develop into a man.
When something develops, it grows. And if you develop something, you create it.
A short story eventually developed into a full-scale novel.
Do you remember I told you about a game I’ve been developing?

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2. unwind unwind

Let's unwind after a long day.
I always watch TV in the evenings in order to unwind after a long day at work.
After a performance I eat and spend a few hours unwinding.
A glass of wine will help you to unwind after work
a beautiful country hotel that is the perfect place to unwind
have that time to unwind that I can chill out and just be with me.
Watching TV helps me unwind after a long day at work.
Music helps me to unwind.
Start unwinding yourself.
What do you usually do to unwind? - I take a bubble bath and listen to classical music while drinking wine. And you?
Swimming helps me unwind.
I love listening to music to unwind after I’ve finished my homework.
After a long day, I need to spend some time unwinding.
I wanted to unwind after a hard day.
I just like to unwind in front of TV.

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3. expand

heat expands metals
I hope to see our relationship expand.
Companies generally engage in mergers with other companies and acquisition in order to expand
They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.
People want more money to expand educational institutions.
This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration. From now on we want to further expand this system and knowhow.
Between 1960 and 1970 the city's population expand by 12 per cent.
After four years of producing telecomunication switchboards we expanded range of products for remote controls.
Could you expand on that point, please?
Zara shops were opened in Spain in 1975, but the company soon expanded internationally.
We need to expand the possibilities of acquiring experience abroad for all.
The ​air in the ​balloon expands when ​heated
I think it’s time this firm expanded. Last year’s profits mean we can open a new store in Chiswick as planned.
We could see the horizon expanding as we ascender over the village.
We sell dog food, but we're going to expand into dog beds soon.

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4. explicate

How can we best explicate 'King Lear' and understand it?

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5. evolve

As time goes on you will evolve as a person.
The simple plan evolved into a complicated scheme.
The company has evolved over the years into a multi-million dollar organization.
The rules of grammar and spelling have to be broken in order for a language to evolve.
The threat increases; a defence that doesn't evolve is meaningless.
I'm cuirious how it's gonna evolve.
evolve with changing economy
The situation has evolved and we must adapt.
The technology evolves so quickly.
The company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer.
We did not evolve from monkeys. We share a common ancestor / A concrete plan evolved after much discussion
It is a ritual which has evolved over the centuries.
evolve = to change gradually, to develop
Each student must evolve his own way of learning. According to Darwin, humans evolved from apes.
Do all systems naturally evolve towards an equilibrium state?

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6. foster

He adopted a war orphan and is bringing her up as a foster daughter.
This song was written by Foster.
foster mutual bonds
Marelyn said she talked to her mother by phone from a foster care home in Michigan. Foster parents.
Relations between the two countries have been fostered by official visits and trade delegations
New ways of teaching children will foster creativity and innovation.
It would also benefit the environment, reduce hunger, and foster international cooperation and goodwill.
China hopes newly elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will foster new progress in the country’s national construction
Health and gaiety foster beauty.
The growth of the Internet could foster economic development worldwide.
I ​try to foster an ​appreciation for ​classical ​music in my ​students. They were ​discussing the ​best way to foster ​democracy and ​prosperity in the ​former ​communist ​countries.
foster = promote = support
The current political situation fosters emigration of people to western countries.
The children are involved in a group work which fosters learning and collaboration.
Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the greatest sopranos of the world.

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7. roll out

The feature is currently being tested and could roll out to more users soon.

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8. development

economic development
Sustainable development is the concept of the current generation utilizing the environment and meet human demands while not harming the ability of future generations to satisfy their own demands and interests.
Fish do not have the brain development that is necessary for the psychological experience of pain or any other type of awareness.
Prospects for repair? "Prof. Shubaishen, the leader of the system development team, is presently unwell so we think it will take a while longer ..."
Afterwards, because it was sanctioned by many of the successive dynasties Buddhism became widespread and had a tremendous impact on the development of Chinese thought, culture and art.
The horse does not just represent energy, high spirits, prosperity, development, but also stands for a national spirit of struggling on without stopping, and of striving on without giving up.
We are concerned about the further actualization of current problems among youth, such as truancy, dislike of school and lack of appropriate character development.
The three organizations are the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
Forming an information infrastructure, the real impact of the information highway is an expectation of new economic development due to a shift from a tangible hardware-industry to brain-oriented software-industry.
Ruby on Rails is an agile development platform, which means we can respond to feedback from our customers very quickly.
общественное развитие|social development

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9. to build up

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10. Stretch

Don't pull my sweater - you'll stretch it.
Stretch your arms straight.
to make someone use all their intelligence or ability, especially in a way that is interesting or enjoyable I don’t think his job really stretches him sufficiently. (esticar)
Ha-ha, you always stretch when class is over don't you?
I don't know if you'd call it a hobby, but to stretch it a little, you could say music appreciation is my hobby.
She really had to stretch her imagination to squeeze enough material for a solo album out of a contrabassoon, but by God, she did.
When violent extremists operate in one stretch of mountains, people are endangered across an ocean.
The traffic jam stretches 5 kilometres, so I had to wait a long time.
if you stretch yourself, or if something stretches you, you have to do things that are too difficult for you, but which help you improve your skills or knowledge so that they are no longer too difficult
We covered the 20-mile stretch quite quickly.
an unbroken length, tract, or space; continuous extent or distance: a long stretch of beach
This narrow stretch of water separates England from continental Europe.
I'm really tired. I have to rest for a stretch.
On warm days, bears stretch out or lie on their backs with their feet in the air.

11. developing

Most developing countries are suffering from overpopulation.
Developing political awareness takes time.
I'm developing an Android application.
Then he began working at Cambridge and developing many more ideas about the nature of the universe.
If George doesn't stop smoking, he will run the risk of developing lung cancer.
I have come to realize that China is developing quickly but the Chinese people live a relatively leisurely life.
While the birth rate is intended to be decreased in developing countries, that of developed nations is selfishly planned to be increased, resulting in the difficulty of getting mutual consent.
The developing world and the developed world can prevent a war from breaking out by helping each other.
The fuel shortage awoke the country to the need for developing atomic energy.
Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.
China's developing too quickly.
Several young engineers were employed and were devoted to developing a new computer.
Developing his ability of speaking English, it seems, is his purpose of studying abroad.
At present the text book issue between the Korean and Japanese governments is developing into a significant problem affecting both countries.

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