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niezwykły in English:

1. adventitious adventitious

Human spoken language seems to be adventitious.

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2. unusual unusual

That's unusual.
Valencia is famous for its unusual architecture.
You don't have to come up with an unusual topic for your speech.
In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."
Innovation has something to do with the faculty to notice unusual phenomena.
That's an unusual hobby she's got, the transfer student. "She's cute so it's fine with me."
Some clarinetists use clarinets tuned to A instead of B flat in passages which would otherwise be written in unusual keys.
In an unusual move, this school's big band uses slide trumpets and valve trombones exclusively.
But in many ways, the bird called Alex is unusual, for it has shown the kind of mental abilities that scientists once thought only humans had.
Engagement gifts should always be unusual and special to honour the occasion.
creepiest, most unusual person I've ever met.
If something is unusual, it does not happen very often or you do not see it or hear it very often(2) If you describe someone as unusual, you think that they are interesting and different from other people
1. Everything here is so unusual. / 2. It is not so unusual.
The unusual architecture of Astana makes it look like a space-age city.
You cant find some really unusual things in this shop.

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3. extraordinary extraordinary

The more I think about it the more extraordinary it seems.
Two hundred fifty kilograms is an extraordinary weight even for a sumo wrestler.
extraordinary country page
Lotteria introduced an extraordinary "Tower Cheeseburger" which can be made by stacking up to 10 patties.
He lived a simple but extraordinary life and he became the leader of many
This extraordinary increase is explained by the speedy economic unification which took place during the same period.
The extraordinary session of the Diet will last four weeks.
It was an event that proved extraordinary.
Sam did not say anything controversial or extraordinary.
The definition of extraordinary is something or someone that is unusual, exceptional or remarkable.
These are people who don't really have superpowers but they are doing something extraordinary
This project will provide citizens with extraordinary access to information and culture.
The story of the survival of the plane crash passengers is extraordinary.
It was really an extraordinary landscape that was capable of supporting an extraordinary biodiversity.

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4. amazing amazing

It's amazing.
What's the most amazing scenery you've ever seen?
The international space station is an amazing feat of engineering.
I was very nervous at first, but the pilot was very kind and he took us to some amazing places.
Jack's adventures are more amazing than those of the hero in many thrillers.
An admiring fan once asked Christopher Columbus how he managed to procure funding for all of his amazing journeys. Columbus then took the fan to an abandoned alley, took out a pistol, and said "That's how".
Wha? Study, reflexes, all the parameters are MAX! You've even saved money up to the limit ... Amazing.
The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.
Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!
Isn't it amazing how one is poor though rich, while the other is rich though poor?
The creatures were struck dead, one after the other, with amazing precision and effectiveness.
Boston Dynamic's robot, RHex, is an amazing piece of work that can run over various terrains.
In the last five and a half weeks we’ve seen and done some amazing things.
The best thing about Beirut is the people. Their hospitality is amazing.
I find it amazing that in the Slavic languages the word “sweet” originally meant “salty”!

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5. remarkable remarkable

She achieved remarkable results.
If it had not been for antibiotics, medicine would not have made such remarkable progress.
It’s quite a remarkable achievement that Giles got straight As in his A levels, don’t you think?
Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.
We can travel through time. And we do at the remarkable rate of one second per second.
In this paper they made the remarkable prediction that radiation (in the form of photons) from the very hot stages of the universe should still be around today.
The truly remarkable feature of sound production by birds is that the two sides of the syrinx can act independently.
People in such countries, especially the ASEAN countries, believe that the secret of Japan's remarkable economic growth is education.
Definition someone or something that is remarkable is unusual and impressive
Or you can take a step back and apply the general principles of the Bauhaus, ending up with a remarkable looking building, simply by using geometric shapes and unusual angles
The remarkable thing is not just how many people are coming, but who
This is a truly remarkable document, much better than the previous versions, and it constitutes a firm basis for all manner of reflections on the future of cohesion within Europe.
Worthy of attention; striking. A remarkable coincidence.
Could you recommend a remarkable book?

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6. uncanny uncanny

an uncanny coincidence
The robot was so lifelike that it was uncanny.
She bears an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.
You sense of humour is uncanny.
I thought you are twins, not friends! There is an uncanny resemblance between you two.
Her awkwardness was uncanny.
... I was like-- that's uncanny, that's exactly what my...
the reasemblence is uncanny
An uncanny feeling that she was being watched
The naturalist has no explanation for the uncanny applicability of maths to the physical world.
Narendra Modi has an uncanny ability to shrug off embarrassment
Her voice has an uncanny similarity to Madonna's voice
Monitoring is almost uncanny in its power
has uncanny parallels with
This incident is quite uncanny.

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7. out of the ordinary out of the ordinary

To have a house on the moon would certainly be out of the ordinary.
Her dress is beautiful and out of the ordinary.
It was an out of the ordinary situation. It was Jill now who offered me her help.
One of the entries was out of the ordinary.
The design of that house is out of the ordinary.
I saw nothing in any way out of the ordinary.
For the police, the incident seemed nothing out of the ordinary.
My friend's paintings are out of the ordinary; I've never seen something like that before.
Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on.
I wasn't doing anything that was out of the ordinary at all.
I'm looking for something a little more out of the ordinary.
something out of the ordinary
His accomplishments are so out of the ordinary.

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8. extremely extremely

I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.
He seems like a softy on the surface, but at the core he's got an iron will that makes him an extremely tough negotiator.
extremely dangerous
Difference between the past, present, and future is nothing but an extremely widespread illusion.
Early American colonists often had extremely strict work ethics inspired by their unique take on Christianity.
I am extremely confused by this. If this is what we call 'the Way of Heaven', then is it right or is it wrong?
This implies a fun and relaxed working atmosphere where team achievement is highly valued, communication is extremely important and traditional 3-hour meetings have been replaced by informal chats in the queue for coffee.
I didn't arrive in Harbin until very late, and the queue for taxis was already extremely long.
Tatoeba gave Imogen of the Internet a fascinating opportunity to compulsively produce a series of extremely short stories.
Japanese students seem not merely to be extremely reserved, but to have at times almost a complete reluctance to speak.
He was extremely careful. / 2. He read extremely carefully. / 3. What happened tonight is extremely important to me. / 4. I'm extremely anxious and I feel nauseous.
Just getting one-to-one guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.
Mr. Cauley's extremely dishonorable business conduct earned him high-fives and back-pats around the office and the bar.
People usually find it very difficult to break the ice when they meet someone extremely attractive for the first time.
With a shortage of midwives added to that of obstetricians it has become clear all over again that our country's obstetric care is in an extremely grave situation.

9. stunning stunning

You are stunning.
His mother is quite a stunning woman.
The male bird has a stunning tail that can grow to 60 cm in length.
This dress is stunning. You look like a princess.
Have you seen Curtis's new girlfriend? I have. She looks stunning.
stunning views over the city She's stunning.
- If Keira Knightley asked me out, I would break up with my girlfriend. She is stunning! - Good for you it is never going to happen...
Well-Well, I'm sure you'll look stunning. / 2. You're amazing, and you look stunning. / 3. You look stunning as always.
extremely impressive or attractive. lovely, delightful, extraordinary. The mountains surrounding Bern also add up to a stunning panorama
His performance was simply stunning. He suffered a stunning defeat in the election.
From the top of the castle there was a stunning view of the valley.
stunning girl
Both ​daughters are ​absolutely stunning. / She ​looked stunning in that ​red ​dress. / The ​view from ​our ​room is stunning.
1. I will continue to bring you more of the details... of this stunning story as it unfolds. 2. See Astronaut Jeff Williams’. Most Stunning Photos of Earth From Space
This is a visually stunning epic.

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10. incredible incredible

The Beatles set the world on fire with their incredible music.
As incredible as it seems, he is a really strong guy.
At this hour, there is incredible traffic.
Mr Frey's wedding was incredible!
And I came across an incredible story about the painting elephants of Thailand.
I want the evening to be incredible. / This is an absolutely incredible day. I don't know what to say.
It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.
Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?
Even specialists do not understand this incredible accident.
The US judicial system and press are incredible: One day you're a poor examplary housewife, victim of a rape, the next, you're an illegal immigrant, having committed perjury and being suspected of whitewashing drug money.
It was incredible. You could see his paw print on the key of the phone.
Winning the game gave me an incredible feeling.
It’s incredible that the passengers survived the crash.
It seemed incredible that she had been there a week already.

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