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konsument in English:

1. consumer

As a result, the consumer prefers to purchase the fake goods.
It took a long time for Japanese imports to penetrate the American consumer markets.
The consumer price index has been fluctuating wildly.
Try to be a more rational consumer.
He has always shown a shrewd understanding of what consumers want.
American consumer group identifies RealPlayer as 'badware'.
It is a literary work confronting the class problem of a consumer society.
You can tell from the jargon alone that these instructions were written for experienced builders and not the average consumer.
We study the preferinces of our consumers.
Our company needs to know more about the consumer of our product.
A consumer is any natural person performing with an entrepreneur a legal act which is not related to his business or professional activity.
The final price that a consumer has to pay must be clearly displayed in advance.
Mr Rea is very wealthy and maybe that's why he is their favourite consumer.
As a result, the consumer prefers to purchase fake goods.
America's consumer slump will hit those around it as well.

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2. customer

The customer agrees.
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
We are currently looking for individuals who have experience in customer service.
In North America, business operates on "the customer is always right" principle.
An increase in customer complaints could signal a decline in business.
The company went after its no. 1 customer gripe: power outages.
The customer insisted on a price reduction because of defects in the product.
The man in the doorway was not an easy customer, the kind of guy all the waitresses hoped that someone else would serve.
When the bartender totals the bill for a customer who is drunk and angry, he must be very careful to mind his P's and Q's.
In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...
When the tip was a lone dime thrown into a glass, the waitress would raise the glass while hastily preparing the table for the next customer. She would then spill the water and that would be it.
A customer is having his shoes shined on a slapped-together stand.
Employees were allowed to share in reading customer compliments.
The customers were getting annoyed because there was only one cashier in the busy shop.
My company has over 60,000 customers all over the world.