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rot in English:

1. root root

I always root for the underdog.
to take root/to put down roots
the square root of x
I ate a burdock root tempura.
By averaging the squared difference between each value and the mean and finding the square root of the result, we can find the standard deviation.
We must eradicate the drug traffic, root and branch.
When inserting the budwood into the root stock make the cambium layer overlap.
I made it so only root could access the administrative screen.
Many western customs have taken root in Japan.
It bears fruit, but it seems it may even set root from cuttings?
Don't forget your roots when you become a succesful man.
The roots are ingrediens of many coctails.
Definition the roots of a plant are the parts under the ground that send food up to the plant above the ground. A person’s roots are the place, culture, and family that they come from
The fourth root of eighty-one is three. Square root. Cube root
Do I need a root canal?

2. messy messy

I style my hair messy on purpose.
I have to admit I'm very messy.
His bedroom's always messy.
a messy room
Kasparov's private life is messy.
My sister is a typical messy teenager.
A messy bun is very fashionable now.
how to hasten what is increasingly becoming a messy withdrawal while still painting a portrait of success
so I don't have to get involved in these messy, emotional entanglements.
Find someone who had a messy room as a child.
Foxes are forever turning over the bins to look for food, which is both messy and extremely unhygienic.
He is messy, because he's spitting.
his messy hair. Stripping wallpaper can be a messy, time-consuming job. A messy divorce.
The divorce was painful and messy.
My locker partner has made our locker very messy.