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lunger in English:

1. lungs lungs

Smoking does damage your lungs.
He felt a sharp pain in his lungs.
Oxygen is taken into our lungs when we breathe.
Tom shouted at the top of his lungs so Mary could hear him over the sound of the waterfall.
Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.
Smog is the enemy of healthy lungs.
She was born with underdeveloped lungs, but eventually a few steroid shots set her straight.
Incidentally, that the gills of fish are bright red is because there are many 'capillary vessels' collected there, the same as for lungs.
The brain was not like the liver or the lungs.
lungs do not work
I smoke 40 cigarettes a day. My lungs must be terrible.
Head spinning, lungs screaming, she ran into its embrace.
lungs cancer
he died because of inflammation of the lungs
Foaming on the lungs.