Norwegian English Dictionary

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dukke opp in English:

1. emerge emerge

it emerged from jungle
It has emerged that so-called "serial returners" are placing an increasing burden on fashion brands and are likely to be a major reason behind retailers' pushing up prices for certain groups.
No details have emerged about the man who pursued the gunman along with Mr Langendorff.
The facts behind the scandal are sure to emerge eventually.
Evidence emerged last night / Another figure emerges at the far end of the living room
Swedish Presidency to you on 15 July, I said that the EU must emerge strengthened from the crisis.
One finding to emerge was that critical features differ between species.
Japan is still struggling to emerge from recession.
the truth will emerge eventually
and suddenly the moors emerged
He emerges in that window every morning.
It emerged that the upper floors had been built illegaly
It`s power emerges when someone else agrees to believe in lie
Suddenly, the boss emerged from his office. The submarine emerged from the sea.
The soldiers emerged from nowhere, their camouflage allowing them to blend in with the surrounding area.