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rebelse in English:

1. rebellious

He’s always had a rebellious streak (= a tendency to rebel).
rebellious teenagers
Fans of gangsta rap tend to be rebellious.
He has a rebellious view, he rejectes all social restraints.
Some rebels are more rebellious than others.
He was responsible, I was rebellious.
Her teachers regard her as a rebellious, trouble-making girl.
Dan has always had a rebellious streak.
I was really rebellious as a teenager. I never did what my parents wanted.
I was prone to being rather rebellious as a child. I would regularly refuse to do what I was told.
Julie is rebellious and ignores her parents.
Julie is really rebellious and never does what her parents tell her to do.
They looked angry and almost rebellious.
She’s going through a very rebellious phase.
Children have a tendency to become rebellious.