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hindernis in English:

1. obstacle

The biggest obstacle in our way was a tree trunk in the road.
to overcome obstacles
Getting up early when it's dark is a first obstacle to my new year's resolutions.
indicate and to ensure passable and free of obstacles routes
the lack of experience can be an obstacle to find better job
But just when things were going well, I had an obstacle.
Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to one's progress.
We will never give up no matter what obstacles stand in our way.
So writer's block is a metaphor for an obstacle – something external rather than internal inside of you
The secret to small drone obstacle avoidance.
There are various obstacles on the course that players have to avoid.
Disabled people succeed in overcoming many obstacles in everyday life.
What is the biggest obstacle to improving productivity in the construction sector?
That main obstacle is the hardly understandable position of
This imbalance prevents organizations from overcoming obstacles or transforming their talent strategies.