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competitief in English:

1. competitive competitive

At this rate, the risk is high that our country's competitive position will drop even further.
With this price, your product would not be competitive in the Japanese market.
When you rely on the team too much, it may reduce your individual competitive instincts.
competitive advantage
competitive sports, a highly competitive industry. She's very competitive.
The Single Market will remain competitive if all social rights are respected. It is therefore especially important that we in the EU understand the importance of setting sufficiently ambitious targets in order to remain competitive in this sector.
It's not only the health aspects of sports that appeal to people, but the cooperative aspect that team sports teach, and the competitive aspect in itself.
Organized sports are often an important part of school life, and competitive sports are popular, too.
Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.
They are really competitive. They argue while playing Scrabble
Our prices are highly competitive. Competitive sports. The travel industry is a highly competitive business.
competitive prices, services, etc. are as good as, or better than, other prices, services, etc.
The jobs market is very competitive - especially when the economy is struggling. Some people go to great lengths to attract the attention of potential employers.
As one of Europe's largest printing companies, we deliver creativ solutions that make our customers more competitive and move the boundaries of the industry.
He’s so competitive. I don’t like playing board games with him